Advancement + Withdrawal


The teacher education program is an intensive 11-month program, and you are encouraged to complete the program within 11 months. If your program is interrupted for any reason (e.g., personal, health, academic difficulty), you will normally have four years from first registration in which to complete the requirements of the program. If there are special circumstances which require individual advising and approval from the TEO, please contact a program manager in the TEO.

If your program is interrupted, you will be required to provide evidence that conditions set at the time of the interruption have been met. Reinstatement or readmission is not automatic.

You must pass all the requirements for each consecutive term preceding the extended practicum. Similarly, you must pass the extended practicum in order to proceed to the community field experience and, subsequently, to the program’s summer session courses. Only in exceptional circumstances will these requirements be waived. Permission to proceed out of sequence is not automatically granted.

UBC Calendar > Bachelor of Education > Academic Policies and Regulations

Interim Reports

If your instructors have concerns about your progress in a course, they may issue an interim report. The intention of the interim report is to provide you with the opportunity to address your difficulties in order to be successful in the program. Interim reports outline instructor concerns, recommendations for improvement, information on re-submissions and/or supplemental assignments and will include deadlines. Copies of interim reports will be filed in the Teacher Education Office.

If you receive an interim report regarding course concerns and have questions, please speak with your instructor and/or with a program manager in the Teacher Education Office. If you receive an interim report regarding practicum, refer to the expectations outlined in the practicum section.


Teacher candidates who experience a pattern of failure may be required to withdraw. If you are required to withdraw, you will not normally be re-admitted to the teacher education program. In exceptional circumstances, you may, after at least one year, submit a formal appeal for permission to re-enroll. Such an appeal will be granted only after review by the Associate Dean, teacher education. A negative decision by the associate dean may be appealed to the Senate Admissions Committee.

Withdrawals and/or a standing of “W” may have implications for loans and tuition fees. The University policy on Withdrawals and Change of Registration applies.

From Courses
You may withdraw voluntarily from courses in accordance with the university withdrawal deadlines as outlined in the UBC Calendar. Dates for withdrawal with or without a refund depend on course start date and duration and are listed online at Prior to withdrawing voluntarily, it is important that you speak with a program manager in the Teacher Education Office.

From Practicum

You may withdraw voluntarily up to the mid-point of the extended practicum. Information on specific dates for withdrawal from the extended practicum with fee refund is available from the practicum program manager.

Withdrawal from practicum must occur in consultation with your school and with approval from the practicum program manager. If you are granted a ‘W’ on the extended practicum (EDUC 418, 419, 421, 495 or 496), you must wait until the next time the extended practicum is scheduled to re-enroll. In most cases, a third practicum will not be offered. See the Practicum + CFE section for specific details regarding withdrawal from practicum.

From the Program
Withdrawal from the program is a serious decision and should occur in consultation with program managers in the Teacher Education Office.