International Baccalaureate

Teacher candidates in the UBC IB educator stream have an interest in an international education that is concept-based, inquiry-driven, and student-centred. Guided by key concepts and transdisciplinary themes, teachers create enriching, hands-on learning opportunities that promote discovery, exploration, and thinking about real-world issues. The UBC Teacher Education Program was recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) because of our strong alignment with the educational practices and underpinnings of the IB, including a focus on inquiry, reflective practice, Indigenous perspectives, and diversity in its many forms.

Once admitted to the BEd program, teacher candidates may indicate their interest in the IB stream by either registering into the IB cohort (Elementary) or expressing their interest after registration (Secondary). Prior experience with International Baccalaureate is desirable but not a pre-requisite. A registration information package will be sent to all with more specific details.

IB teacher candidates take a mandatory orientation session during the week before the program begins in September (one day for elementary; four days for secondary), a weekly IB seminar and an IB-oriented inquiry seminar during Terms 1 and 2, and undertake practica in IB World Schools.

Candidates will be invited to enrol for an IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning from the IBO for the PYP, MYP or DP during September.

The IB Options:

  • is committed to helping students become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring citizens of a global community.
  • sharpens students’ critical thinking skills.
  • values differences in learners — IB’s Learner Profile.
  • contains an internationally-minded focus and cultural sensitivity.
  • is consistently of high quality irrespective of country or region within a country.
  • focuses on educating the whole child.
  • emphasizes inquiry-based teaching and learning.
  • requires a significant service component.
  • is distributed worldwide in over 140 countries.
  • is committed to preparing today’s grads for the current job market at home and abroad.
  • possesses the largest number of IB Diploma Programme graduates of any university world-wide.
  • is an internationally-focused university.
  • emphasizes inquiry-based practice in the Faculty of Education.
  • emphasizes differentiation of instruction and learning.
  • emphasizes collaboration for teachers and students in all IB programmes.
  • is ideally located to serve Pacific Rim’s international student community.
  • has state-of-the-art infrastructure to serve international students.
  • is located in a desirable, world-class city.