Copyright Guidelines

As instructors prepare course outlines for the coming academic year, it is essential that care be taken in preparing readings for students. We have prepared several ways you can undertake this activity given the policy changes at UBC over the last few years.

Copyright Obligations at UBC

UBC requires each of its faculty, staff and students to comply with copyright law. This applies to photocopying as well as sending PDFs of published material. There have been some recent developments regarding the license agreement with Access Copyright, but UBC is maintaining its existing license agreements with a large number of publishers, including an increasing number that provide access to online resources.

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Linking Articles and On-line Publications (via UBCLib)

If you use a lot of articles and on-line publications/resources, you can embed their Permalink or Digital Object Indicator (DOI), found in the item’s permanent record on the UBCLib site, into a Permanent URL (PURL). This makes it easy for students to access the item once they have logged on with their Campus Wide Login (on or off-campus).

Creating a Custom Course Pack

Instructors can create custom course packs through the UBC Bookstore. Small orders (e.g., for one cohort) are acceptable, and you may request a paper or electronic version. Email or call 604 822 0874 to get an estimate and/or learn more on how to create/order custom course materials.