Scholarships + Awards

The Faculty of Education each year nominates BEd teacher candidates for scholarships and awards with a total value in excess of $90,000. Some awards are targeted towards specific subjects, but the majority of awards are applicable to all BEd teacher candidates who demonstrate outstanding work.

All instructors and faculty advisors have the opportunity to nominate teacher candidates for these scholarships and awards. Additionally, students have the opportunity to nominate themselves. Visit the Awards page for a list of awards and more information about the application process, nomination deadlines, and nomination forms.

Nominations are received and collected by the TEO, and teacher candidates are awarded based on the number of nominations received. It is essential that instructors participate in this process by submitting nominations. Where BEd teacher candidates participate in multi-section courses, it may be helpful for instructors involved to develop common criteria. This is an issue to be discussed with the course coordinator or deputy head.

Questions about the nomination process can be directed to Nominations for NITEP (Indigenous Teacher Education Program) teacher candidates are coordinated by NITEP (the Indigenous Teacher Education Program).