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Building Access

Keys to hallways and offices are authorized by the TEO administrative manager. Once it is determined which keys you require, the administrative manager sends a request to UBC Key Access Information System.

You will be notified via email when your key is ready for pick up. Deposit information and the location of the pick-up will be provided by UBC Key Access Information System. Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Note: When picking up keys, you must show photo ID and you may be asked to pay a refundable deposit for your key(s).

Keys for your cubicle in Room 1310 are provided by the TEO administrative manager or one of the administrative staff. You are not required to place a damage deposit. If the key is lost you will be required to pay $75 to replace the lock.

Campus-Wide Login (CWL) Account

The Campus-Wide Login gives you access to UBC online applications using the same username and password. To create a CWL, instructors must first obtain their Employee Number and PIN code from the TEO administrative manager. Once this has been received, create an account.

Enhanced CWL:

UBC faculty, students and staff are being asked to update their Campus-Wide login (CWL) account to an “Enhanced CWL” account. This major change to our access to UBC information systems by means of CWL features multi-factor authentication, which provides an additional layer of protection. This is a standard across North-America intended to provide an effective way to prevent unauthorized access to information.

Learn more about Enhanced CWL

For CWL support, please contact the UBC IT Help Desk or 604 822 2008. Obtaining a CWL is required for access to all of UBC’s essential secured websites, including:

  1. Management System Portal
    The Management System Portal is where you keep UBC updated with your contact information, and to view current pay statements, compensation history, direct deposit banking information, benefit information, pension information, and emergency contacts.
  2. UBC Wireless Network or Campus Internet Access
    Use your CWL to connect your laptop and mobile devices to the campus wireless service or to use a computer station on campus.

UBC Faculty and Staff Mail (FASmail)

Access UBC email from any computer connected to the internet via FASmail.

Faculty Service Centre (FSC)

Access the Faculty Service Centre (FSC) to access class lists, enter grades and send emails to students. Please visit the FSC information page to request instructor access.


All students complete student evaluations of teaching (SEoT) of completed courses on Canvas.

Email Communication

The Faculty of Education provides you with a UBC email account while you are working at UBC. Having a UBC email account gives credibility to all your correspondence with students, faculty, schools and other institutions especially when students request references once they have graduated.

The TEO administrative manager and UBC IT will guide you through the process of setting up a new email, as it takes a series of steps. If you have any questions regarding your UBC email account, please contact the TEO administrative manager or call 604 822 3888.

In accordance with the Email Privacy Memo issued by the University Counsel in September 2010, University business should not be conducted on email systems outside of Canada (e.g., Hotmail, Gmail, etc.).

Access and Privacy Guide for UBC Faculty and Staff

Faculty Advisors’ Office

Faculty advisors for the Teacher Education Office are housed in Room 1310 of the Neville Scarfe Building. Each TEO hire is provided with a work station and a lockable drawer for their personal items.

In this room, you will find the following:

  • Photocopier/Printer/Scanner
  • An assigned desk area

If supplies are missing from this room, please contact the TEO. Posted mail will be delivered to your assigned mail tray in Room 1310.

Guest Speaker Parking

Parking petty cash (for a couple of hours) and parking passes (for more than four hours) are available from the TEO administrative manager for guest speakers/lecturers in the following EDUC courses: 450 (Inquiry I), 451 (Inquiry II), 452 (Inquiry III) and 440 (Aboriginal Education in Canada).

Please provide us with the name of the guest and the date of the class prior to their visit. You will need to sign the petty cash/parking passes out and ensure your guest signs the receipt. Once your guest has signed the receipt, please return it to the TEO within three days.

Learning Design & Digital Innovation (LDDI)

LDDI supports the design, development, and deployment of innovative teaching practices in the Faculty of Education. LDDI works with faculty members, sessional instructors, course developers, teaching assistants, graduate students, staff, and other members of the instructional community in order to support the design, development, and deployment of innovative teaching practices.

They support and service thee broad areas: curriculum and instructional design, professional development for faculty and staff, and learning technologies.

Visit to learn about their services. The LDDI Events Calendar has workshops available to instructors.


All faculty, staff and students are required to pay for their parking at UBC. West Parkade (entrance on Lower Mall) is the closest parkade from the Neville Scarfe Building. The daily rate is $16.00. Please note that parking lots tend to be full before 9 am when classes are in session. To learn more about permits and rate, visit the UBC Parking website or call 604 822 6786. Parking fees while doing business at the university or TEO office will not be reimbursed.

Warning: Your vehicle will be towed if you park in the reserved and restricted areas behind the Neville Scarfe Building.

Posting of Notices

There are four communication streams to connect with BEd teacher candidates: digital signage, weekly newsletter, website, and social media.

Please connect with the web and communications coordinator to determine the best way to share your content.

Employment opportunities for teacher candidates, instructors, and faculty are post on the TEO website, under Careers Opportunities in Education. You are welcome to submit paid or volunteer opportunities.

Teacher education events are listed on the TEO website, under Events.

Printing, Photocopying and Faxing

The following services are available to BEd instructors:

  • Printing – TEO instructors who have access to Room 1310 can send print jobs to the photocopier in that room from their laptop and mobile devices if they are connected to the Internet via “ubcsecure”. Please contact UBC IT Desktop Services for help setting this up.
  • Photocopying – The TEO gives each EDUC instructor access to the photocopier/printer/scanner in Room 1310. Please limit photocopying to important documents.
  • Faxing – Instructors can access and use the Teacher Education Office’s fax machine (604 822 8227). Please ask for assistance at TEO reception.

Reimbursements for Practicum Expenses and Other Expenses

BEd instructors and faculty advisors will meet with the practicum coordinators where practicum supervision mileage and other expense claims will be discussed in detail. Mileage claims are done through the online payment tool (OPT) after each practicum is completed. Training will be provided at the FA meeting in October with more detailed instructions. If you have any questions please contact the TEO.

Trips to UBC for meetings, classes and parking at UBC will not be reimbursed.

Room Bookings

Rooms can be booked for all ad hoc, classroom and conference meetings in the Neville Scarfe Building. For academic course room booking questions, please email TEO Program Planning Manager Jennifer Stewart. To book small meeting rooms located throughout the Neville Scarfe Building, please send your requests to TEO reception.

Teacher Candidate Files

The TEO creates a digital file for each teacher candidate admitted to the Teacher Education Program. This file contains all admission processing and program advising notes. The information contained in the files is collected only for those purposes.

Teacher candidates’ files are confidential. Please contact the TEO if you wish additional information.

Technology Support

UBC Learning Commons

Instructors (and teacher candidates) can obtain technology support from the UBC Learning Commons in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre. The commons provides access to computers, technology support, printing, scanning, copying, and equipment loans. See all services.

Scarfe Digital Sandbox Sessions

A series of Scarfe Digital Sandbox sessions are offered throughout the year. Sessions are open to all Faculty of Education faculty, staff, grad students and teacher candidates, and sessions are designed so participants can explore digital technologies on their own or through ‘drop in’ workshops and sessions. Dates and times of drop-in sessions are posted on the Digital Sandbox session calendar.

The goal of digital sandbox sessions is to encourage participants to explore digital technologies in a playful way so that they can make decisions as an educator about how, when, where and if you would utilize particular technologies in your context — it always depends upon the instructor’s goals and learning objectives and how technology might enhance them.

Thank You Gifts for Guest Speakers

Faculty advisors often wish to provide a token of appreciation to guest speakers. For the following EDUC courses: 450 (Inquiry I), 451 (Inquiry II), 452 (Inquiry III) and 440 (Aboriginal Education in Canada), we have an assortment of gifts already purchased, wrapped, and with a TEO thank-you card. Please see the TEO administrative manager for more details.

  • Instructors should not ask teacher candidates to provide funds to cover guest speakers and other incidental costs.
  • Instructors are recommended to speak with the course coordinator and/or cohort coordinator to determine if there is funding for guest speakers and other incidental costs.

UBC Card

The UBC Card is your UBC ID and library card. To obtain your UBC Card, go to the Carding office located in the UBC Bookstore. UBC Cards are valid for up to five years or for the individual’s term of employment. Bring your UBC employee number, UBC appointment letter, and one piece of government-issued photo identification.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is required for access to some essential secured websites (e.g., The Management Systems Portal) at home or on your laptop. The VPN is a connection which uses encryption to protect data and prevent others from accessing data transferred between your computer and the campus network. UBC Information Technology offers free VPN services to UBC students, faculty, and staff.

Once you have your CWL account, you can configure your computer for myVPN service. This process requires 20 minutes. If steps are skipped or interrupted, the download will be compromised. For VPN support, please contact the UBC IT Help Desk or call 604 822 2008.


The following is a list of recommended websites that the majority of BEd instructors will find useful accessing and making use of during the school year.

The following is a list of websites found to be useful to instructors working in the BEd program and the Faculty of Education: