Mental health and disability resources for applicants to the BEd program

The Teacher Education Office strives to provide inclusive, equitable, and accessible service to our students and applicants. Applicants are considered without regard to age, ancestry, colour, economic status, place of origin, race, religion, family status, marital status, permanent disability and/or long term medical condition, political belief, gender, or sexual orientation. In accordance to UBC Policy LR7 (Disability Accommodation Policy), if you have a physical or mental disability requiring accommodations during the admission evaluation process, please submit a special admissions consideration request.

To better understand Policy LR7 (i.e., eligibility, definition of disability, difference between academic concessions and accommodations, etc.), please visit the Centre for Accessibility’s FAQ on Policy LR7.


I am not a current UBC student, is Policy LR7 still applicable to me?

For the purpose of Policy LR7, a student is defined as a person who:

  • is registered in credit or non-credit courses offered by UBC; or
  • has formally applied to UBC as a prospective student.

I have a disability, should I still apply to the BEd program?

If you meet our academic and experience requirements, please apply to the BEd program as outlined on our website. After submitting your application to the BEd program, if you require accommodations for the admissions evaluation process, please submit a special admissions consideration request to the UBC Centre for Accessibility no later than January 15.

When do I apply for a special admissions consideration with the Centre for Accessibility?

As soon as you have submitted your application to the BEd program (from October 1 until January 15), you should submit the special admissions consideration request to the UBC Centre for Accessibility. While the deadline to submit is January 15, it is strongly recommended that you submit the request as soon as possible.

Obtaining the required documentations for the special consideration request may take a while to compile and assemble. Failure to provide documentations in a timely manner will delay the process.

What if I have reservations about disclosing my disability and do not wish to be discriminated against?

The purpose of the special admissions consideration request form is so that the Teacher Education Office can provide you with a fair and equitable admissions evaluation. Your privacy is important to us and details of your disability will not be disclosed to us. Once you have applied to the Centre for Accessibility, the information you provide will remain confidential. The Centre for Accessibility will provide the Teacher Education Office with advice and recommendations for accommodations without breaking confidentiality.

While we strongly advise that you reach out to the Centre for Accessibility, the final decision is yours to make.

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