Practicum + Community Field Experience

During practicum and the community field experience (CFE), teacher candidates are expected:

  • to adhere to principles of professional conduct as outlined in the Teacher Education Policies & Guidelines
  • to be aware of the BC Teachers’ Federation’s Code of Ethics in your relations with principals, teachers, faculty advisors, fellow teacher candidates, students and their parents/guardians,
  • to respect the dignity of children and their right to confidentiality,
  • to respect boundaries between teachers and students in all interactions, including social media,
  • to act as good role models for students regarding the use of language, attire, attitudes toward study and learning, respect for others, fair decision-making, and collegiality,
  • to speak and write professionally about colleagues, school personnel, students, and their families,
  • to observe all legal aspects in the BC School Act, observe normal social courtesies as guests in a school

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