Teacher Education Program Support

Education Library

How to Get Your Library Card:

Faculty who hold active appointments with UBC are eligible to a UBC Card at no cost. Please read How to Get a Library Card and meet with the administrative manager in your department for more information.

Placing Course Materials on Short Term Loan

Required readings, course texts, course packages, videos and high use curriculum materials can be placed on reserve for short term loans (two hours, one day, or three days). Visit the Course Reserves page for steps to reserve library materials.

Contact the Education Library reserve unit at 604 822 0996 or email education.reserve@ubc.ca if you require assistance or more information. Requests received less than two weeks prior to the start of classes cannot be guaranteed to be processed in time. All requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learning About the Library and its Electronic Resources

Teacher candidates learn about the Education Library and its resources as part of specific courses. They participate in more than one library session; however, each of these sessions covers different content. You may check with wendy.traas@ubc.ca or call 604 822 0940. Instructor participation in this instruction is highly recommended.

Note: New instructors should also contact the Education Library to arrange an individual orientation.

Save time searching for resources and find an information specialist on the library website.

Class Lists

Instructors print class lists from the Faculty Service Centre (FSC). To print class lists with photos of teacher candidates, login to FSC > click on your class > click on Download/Print Class List > select all applicable fields (click image for photo to be printed) > click print or download.

Temporary Class Cancellation or Day/Time Change

If instructors or cohorts wish to temporarily cancel days, (e.g., for additional school-based observations, etc.), consent must be sought from the Director of TEO in advance. If instructors are to be absent, please email the TEO to post a note on the classroom door that day. Instructors may also email their students (cc the TEO) to inform them of a cancelled class. An instructor may not cancel another instructor’s class.

Temporary Classroom Location Changes

It is expected that classes will be held in assigned rooms. However, if you need a temporary room change, (e.g., re-located to the Library or Computer Lab), follow these instructions:

  1. Inform the TEO as early as possible (this is important especially for emergency evacuation purposes)
  2. Email students regarding room changes
  3. Leave a note on the door for late arrivals

EDUC instructors who wish to request a room change for the duration of their course should consult with the TEO program planning manager. All other room changes are initially addressed with the deputy department head or course coordinator.

Classroom Courtesy

As a courtesy to other instructors, classrooms should be left tidy, especially following a change in classroom layout. Projects on display will be removed one week after the end of the respective semester.

Teacher Candidate Course/Section Changes

Instructors need to ensure that teacher candidates in a given course section are on the class list. Teacher candidates who are not on the list should be referred to the TEO. Changes to teacher candidates’ courses or movement from one section to another are only done in extenuating circumstances and require prior approval from the TEO. Before approving an overload for your class, please consult with the department head or deputy head, or a TEO program coordinator/program manager (for EDUC courses only).

Strike or Job Action

The Associate Dean of Teacher Education, in consultation with the Dean, will provide guidance to all instructors (regardless of department affiliation) if a strike or job action occurs. Every attempt will be made for timely and detailed correspondence to instructors, staff and teacher candidates via email.

Contact Information

Please make sure your phone number and email address are up-to-date. If you need to make an update, email the TEO administrative manager.