Teacher candidates must login to the Student Services Centre (SSC) website and make a formal application to have their Bachelor of Education degree conferred. Submit your application by August 31 for fall convocation.

If you do not apply or are not eligible for graduation, a recommendation for certification will not be submitted to the Teacher Certification Branch.

Entry into the profession of teaching is not a right, but a privilege. Suitability to teach includes satisfactory academic performance, teaching performance and professional conduct. Although satisfactory academic performance is prerequisite to advancement, it is not the sole criterion in the consideration of the suitability of a teacher candidate for promotion or graduation.

Decisions regarding suitability are jointly made by the Dean and Associate Dean. Teacher candidates who could be required to withdraw due to issues of suitability will have the opportunity to speak with the Dean of Education and Associate Dean of Teacher Education. In addition, teacher candidates who are required to withdraw have the right of appeal to the University Senate.

The faculty reserves the right to require a teacher candidate to withdraw from the faculty if the teacher candidate is considered to be unsuited to proceed with the study or practice of teaching.

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