Reports + Grading


Please refer to Program Coordination – Suggested Wording on Pass/Fail Grading.

Interim Reports

Instructors who are concerned about a teacher candidate’s progress during a course or a practicum are expected to inform the teacher candidate of the concern(s) as early as possible. In order to ensure due process for a teacher candidate, as soon as concern(s) is (are)observed, the instructor should write an Interim Report (available from TEO program manager/coordinator) outlining the concern(s), ways to address the concern(s) and the timeline for addressing the concern(s). The teacher candidate must receive a copy of the report and be provided with an opportunity to discuss it. Be sure to find a private office or other space for such meetings. The staff at the TEO front desk can book the TEO meeting room for this purpose.

The program coordinator/manager and the Director of the Teacher Education Office are available to discuss the format and the content of interim reports with instructors and to participate in follow up meetings with the teacher candidates and instructors as required. Note that the earlier in the term the interim report is written, the more time is available for concerns to be addressed adequately. A copy of this report is also given to the TEO and placed in the confidential student file for reference purposes only.

For more information on interim reports, please see Advancement + Withdrawal.

Recording of Grades

Instructors enter marks directly online or follow departmental guidelines for entering grades. In some departments, instructors are asked to enter and save grades rather than enter and submit, so it is important to check with the department offering your course. They are also advised to keep a copy of all grades in case of error or omission.

Students must first be given the opportunity to complete their online course instructor evaluations, and instructors may then submit standings or grades as soon as possible. Delays inputting the standings in the teacher education program affect teacher candidates’ ability to proceed to practicum, to receive scholarships and awards, to be approved to graduate, and to be recommended to the Teacher Certification Branch of the Ministry of Education for teacher certification. Completed records of grades are also important for teacher candidates who are applying for teaching positions. If a teacher candidate is failing a course, please notify the TEO as early as possible. Advancement to practicum depends upon successful completion of all coursework taken before the practicum.

Grades for practica are entered by the practicum coordinators. Please ensure that all other teacher candidate grades are recorded in the Faculty Service Centre (FSC) within 7 days from the date of the last class.

The Faculty Service Centre (FSC) website provides information for instructors to obtain class lists, student photos, email teacher candidates and enter grades. To enter grades and print class lists, an instructor must first gain access to the FSC. Once access has been obtained, instructors can log on to FSC.