Bachelor of Education Program
11-Month Teacher Education Program


The University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Education offers BC’s largest and most comprehensive teacher preparation program, the only one that includes all teachable subjects for secondary schools and a thematic cohort-based elementary and middle years option.

In addition, the Faculty offers an extensive graduate program, professional development options for teachers and BC’s longest running teacher education program for those of Aboriginal heritage (NITEP). We are committed to preparing educators for their responsibilities in both local and global contexts. When you receive a Bachelor of Education from UBC, a whole world of opportunity becomes available to you in classroom contexts and beyond.

Completing our 11-month program leads to a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree and recommendation for teacher certification by the Ministry of Education Teacher Regulation Branch (TRB). You will be qualified to apply for certification to teach in the province of British Columbia. You can also apply for certification in other provinces and countries—each province and country has its own certification requirements.

To be eligible for the BEd degree, individuals must have completed a bachelor degree including relevant academic preparation. Applicants must also have volunteer or work experience in a group setting with children or youth, preferably at the age level you wish to teach.



Choose a BEd Program Option:

ELEMENTARY & MIDDLE YEARS Teach Kindergarten to Grade 7

SECONDARY Teach one or two teachable subjects in Grades 8 to 12


Other Program Options and Streams:

West Kootenay Rural Teacher Education Program

The West Kootenay Rural Teacher Education Program (WKTEP) is the rural education option for elementary and secondary years located in Nelson, BC.

Indigenous Teacher Education Program

NITEP is the teacher education option designed for Aboriginal students who are interested in teaching elementary and secondary years.

Dual Degree (BKin/BMus/BSc + BEd)

Complete the BEd degree (Secondary option) at the same time as UBC Bachelor degree studies in one of 7 partnered undergraduate programs.

French Specialization

The BEd secondary and elementary options are available for French language teaching opportunities.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

The IB educator stream is for teacher candidates interested in an international education that is concept-based, inquiry-driven and student-centred.