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University students across North America continue to be targeted in a variety of fraudulent employment scams. Although we screen all job postings in an attempt to filter out questionable employers and/or job postings, it is important that students also be alert to the warning signs of job posting scams and take appropriate action to protect themselves and their privacy.

How to spot employment scams

The Teacher Education Office does not endorse or take responsibility for the views of any employment recruitment organization or the accuracy of the information provided by any of these organizations, and reserves the right to approve/reject and edit job submissions before posting on the website.



Learning Support Volunteer — Frontier College

Application Deadline: 02/09/2020



Elementary Teacher (K-8) — Takla Nation

Application Deadline: 02/08/2020


Reading Volunteer — Lord Roberts Elementary

Application Deadline: 02/01/2020

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Application Deadline: