Academic Concessions + Accommodations


Requests for academic concessions must first be directed to instructors, and second, to a program manager in the Teacher Education Office before, or as close as possible, to the time that attendance or performance is affected. Documentation from a physician or other authority needs to provide sufficient details to support any concessions requested.

Concessions may include extending assignments, dropping a course(s), withdrawing from the program, or obtaining deferred or Aegrotat standings. Please note that late requests will normally not be taken into account.

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Should the absence or inability to complete an assignment exceed three days, and you request an academic concession, obtain a statement from your physician or from UBC Student Health Services. The statement must explain why you were unable to complete the course with an extension and why a further extension is required.

Submit the statement to a program manager in the TEO immediately. In the case of repeated absences, instructors will require you to contact program manager(s) in the Teacher Education Office.

For conditions or circumstances that are ongoing through the duration of the program which may require accommodations, you will be advised to register with the Centre for Accessibility. If registered, your access advisor will provide you with a letter of accommodations, which you may choose to share with your instructors at the start of courses.

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Note: A medical statement does not constitute a concession; it is evidence to be considered when a request for a concession is made. Your instructors may request a copy of the statement or confirmation of the concession from the TEO.

A Deferred Standing (SD) may be granted by a program manager in agreement with faculty instructors only when you have a valid reason for not completing course requirements as scheduled and you do not qualify for an Aegrotat Standing (see below).

If you have been granted Deferred Standing, you are responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with your instructors for completion of outstanding requirements. Deferred Standing, granted in the Winter Session, must be completed by the following mid-August [or earlier to meet a specific deadline negotiated with the instructor(s)].

If you have been granted Deferred Standing, you are responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with your instructors for completion of outstanding requirements. If you fail to complete the deferred requirements by the date specified, the SD will be replaced with a grade or standing that reflects the requirements completed in the course.

An Aegrotat Standing (AEG) allows credit for a course even though the course requirements have not been completed. This standing is awarded [in unusual cases] only if the instructor and the Associate Dean (representing the Dean and the Faculty) agree that you have demonstrated the capacity to deal with the course material satisfactorily.

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Teacher candidates who have a disability that may require academic accommodations within the program should meet both with a program coordinator/manager in the TEO and with an advisor at the Centre for Accessibility as soon as possible before or as they start the program. They will assess and plan for disability-related services within the Teacher Education Office. Follow-up advising will continue during the program.

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