Our People


Dr. Karen Ragoonaden
Associate Dean,
Teacher Education
Faculty website
John Yamamoto
Teacher Education Office
Rod Brown
Associate Director, Academic and Professional Support, and Program Manager, Elementary & Middle Years Practicum


Willa Bao
Admissions Officer
Gabriel Berri
Admissions Officer
Michael Goco
Admissions Officer/Advisor
Derek Wong
Manager, Admissions & Recruitment

Bachelor of Education Program and Student Services

Greta Bartsch
Program Manager – Practicum (Secondary) and Learning Design Manager, Teacher Education
Cynthia Clerc
Program Manager – Practicum (Secondary) and
Acting Program Manager – Student Services (Elementary & Middle Years)
Yvonne Dawydiak
Learning Design Manager, Teacher Education
Michelle Lim
Embedded Counsellor
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604 822 3811
UBC Counselling Services
Dayna McCracken (on leave)
Embedded Counsellor
Dr. Keith McPherson (on leave)
Program Manager – Student Services (Elementary & Middle Years)
Tricia Murray
Program Manager – Community Field Experience (Local, Rural and International)
Alexis Okabe
Manager, NITEP Advisory Services
Smiling man with close-cropped short brown hair, wearing a black sweater with snow on ground in background
Graham Setters
Program Manager – Indigenous, Rural & Remote, and International Cohort BEd Program Pathways
Bette Shippam
Program Manager – Student Services (Secondary)
Jennifer Stewart
Program Planning Manager


Julie Oya
Web and Communications Coordinator

Office Administration

Lu Tian
Administrative Manager
Najmeh Bahrami
Assistant to the Associate Dean

Student Support

Miyuki Konishi
Undergraduate Student Support
Gladys Ling
Undergraduate Student/
Financial Support
April Zhu
Undergraduate Student Support