School Advisor Resources

As an experienced teacher, you have been selected as someone who models effective teaching and who is willing to mentor a beginning teacher. We hope that you and your teacher candidate will both benefit from the support, feedback, and interaction — the rewards of a good advisor-advisee relationship.

The School Advisor Resources Blog provides guidelines, advice, and FAQs about the teacher education program, as well as forms and templates relevant to your role as a school advisor.


Thank you for agreeing to be an advisor to a teacher candidate in the UBC teacher education program. In recognition of your service, we provide a choice from three benefits:

  • tuition fee certificate, or
  • gift certificate for one adult annual membership to the Vancouver Aquarium, or
  • recognition gift

To redeem this offer, make your selection and complete the form before December 31, 2019.

Select a Benefit for Elementary & Middle Years School Advisors
Select a Benefit for Secondary School Advisors

Redeem Tuition Fee Certificate

Tuition fee certificates are valid for two years from the issue date and are fully transferable to colleagues or immediate family members.

Redeem your Tuition Fee Certificate >
Tuition Fee Certificates1.0 credits for a teacher acting as the sole school advisor for a UBC teacher candidate

0.5 credits for teachers acting as shared advisors for a UBC teacher candidate
ExpiryCredits must be redeemed within two years of the issue date
(i.e., August 2022)
TransferabilityCredits are fully transferable to any colleagues within the school

Credits are fully transferable to immediate family members
Maximum Credits Allowed6 credits for any given practicum session

Recognition Gift

School advisors who do not request a tuition fee certificate are eligible to receive a gift from the Faculty of Education. This year, we are offering an Arc’Teryx Kyanite Vest (approximate value: $180). The pictures below are examples and actual colours offered will vary.