Emergencies, Safety + Security

Medical Emergencies + First Aid

For a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1

Explain whether the injured is a teacher candidate, visitor, or staff. Always call 9-1-1 for students whether for first aid or an emergency.

You will be asked for your exact location. If you are in the Neville Scarfe Education building, the address is 2125 Main Mall. Instructors should send someone to notify the Teacher Educator Office (TEO) Scarfe 103 when an emergency call is made. Another person should be sent to the front of the building to direct the ambulance to the injured party.

If a teacher candidate injures themself or experiences a health issue in your classroom while you are instructing, please refer them immediately to a TEO program manager for assistance.

Campus security keeps an up-to date list of emergency and safety contacts.

For First Aid Treatment for Staff or Faculty

Call Campus Mobile First Aid 2-4444 from UBC phones or 604 822 4444 from a cellular phone. Minor first aid treatment is also available in the TEO.

Security + Safety

Safety and security are a priority at UBC. See the UBC Health, Safety and Environment Policies. Moreover, the University has put together a statement on respectful learning environments for students, faculty and staff members to provide the UBC community with the best possible conditions for learning, researching and working. In addition, UBC’s website, Emergency Procedures and Information, contains response protocols which are designed as guidelines to help you respond appropriately in case of situations which may compromise your personal safety.

All UBC employees are required to complete the two following online modules as part of their UBC orientation:

  • Prevention of Bullying and Harassment
  • General Workplace Safety Orientation Course

We also recommend reviewing UBC’s emergency procedures with your students.

There have been a number of break-ins and thefts of personal belongings in the Neville Scarfe building over the years. Do not leave valuables unattended. Additionally, UBC Information Technology Services reminds UBC employees that there have been a number of computer thefts in the past year involving faculty and staff computers. Please remember to keep a backup of your data in a separate location from your computer. If you have important information, multiple backups on encrypted hard drives would be advised. For example, keep one in your office (not in or beside your computer) and one at home.

Campus Security Free Engraving and Property Registry

Campus Security will engrave your valuables with your (or another related person’s) driver’s license number and register your property in our database.

Call them at 604 822 8274 or 604 822 5200 to arrange for engraving and registration.

Report Criminal Activity (including Illegal Entry)

Call the RCMP at 9-1-1. After calling the RCMP, report the incident to Campus Security at 604 822 2222.

Report a Theft

Call the RCMP at 604 224 1322. If you are aware of any suspicious activity, call Campus Security at 604 822 2222.

Students in Crisis

The Teacher Education Office, located on the main floor of the Scarfe Building, is the first place to refer teacher candidates who require support. However, should you be confronted with critical incidents, here is a list of resources to contact or refer the student to for assistance.

Important Phone Numbers for Assisting Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Police, Fire or Ambulance: 9-1-1
  • Emergency First Aid (Faculty/Staff): 604 822 4444
  • Campus Security Emergencies: 604 822 2222
  • Yellow Cabs: 604 681 1111
  • Black Top and Checker Cabs: 604 731 1111

If the destination is not on campus, and if the person does not have an emergency contact available to transport them to their destination, a taxi may be called. Specific location information needs to be provided to the dispatcher, as drivers often have challenges finding locations on campus. Faculty and staff who obtain taxis in such situations will be reimbursed for the cost by the Dean’s Office.

Referral & Appointment contacts

  • UBC Student Health Services: 604 822 7011
  • UBC Counselling Services: 604 822 3811
  • UBC Wellness Centre: 604 822 8450
Note: Students in crisis may be referred to a TEO program coordinator/program manager (Bette Shippam or Dr. Keith McPherson) for emergency appointment referral (usually same day) to UBC Counselling Services.