2023/24 Academic Calendar – Elementary & Middle Years

Please take note of these important program dates when planning your year ahead. The Bachelor of Education program mirrors the expectations for attendance required in the profession. Teacher candidates attend classes during the Term 1 & 2 UBC mid-term breaks.

Winter Session Term 1:
August 31, 2023 – December 15, 2023

August 28, 2023International Baccalaureate Orientation(IB teacher candidates only)
August 31, 2023BEd Orientation DayAttendance is mandatory for all teacher candidates
September 5, 2023First day of classes for Term 1
October 2, 2023National Day for Truth and ReconciliationUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
October 5, 2023School-based Orientation Practicum 1 day a week practicum begins
October 9, 2023Thanksgiving DayUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
October 12, 2023Make-up Monday. Classes normally scheduled for this day (i.e., Thursday classes) are cancelled, and replaced by the classes that are normally scheduled for Monday.
October 20, 2023BC Professional Development Day Classes cancelled
October 23, 2023School-based Orientation Practicum 2-week practicum begins
November 3, 2023School-based Orientation Practicum 2-week practicum ends
November 13, 2023Remembrance Day observedUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
December 15, 2023Last day of classes for Term 1

Winter Session Term 2:
January 2, 2024 – June 7, 2024

January 2, 204First day of classes for Term 2A
January 11, 2024School-based Orientation Practicum begins1 day a week practicum
January 19, 2024Education Career FairClasses cancelled except EDCP 320
February 1, 2024Community Field Experience Contact Day
February 9, 2024Last day of classes for Term 2A
February 12, 2024First day of classes for Term 2B
February 19, 2024Family Day University closed/Classes cancelled
February (date TBA)Summer registration opens
March 14, 2024School-based Orientation Practicum ends1 day a week practicum
March 22, 2024Last day of classes for Term 2B
March 29, 2024Good FridayUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
April 1, 2024Easter MondayUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
April 2, 2024School-based Extended Practicum (EDUC 418/419) begins10-week practicum
May 20, 2024Victoria DayUniversity closed/Classes cancelled
June 7, 2024School-based Extended Practicum (EDUC 418/419) ends10-week practicum

Summer Session:
June 10, 2024 – July 26, 2024

June 10, 2024Community Field Experience (EDUC 430) begins3-week CFE
June 28, 2024Community Field Experience (EDUC 430) ends
July 2, 2024First day of classes for Summer Session Term 2
July 26, 2024Last day of classes Summer Session Term 2