NITEP Elementary Year 3 Registration Guide 2022/23 Bachelor of Education Program – Winter Session


COVID-19 and the 2022/23 Bachelor of Education Program:
UBC follows all British Columbia Ministry of Health protocols concerning COVID-19. UBC is planning for on-campus instruction for the 2022/23 Winter Session. Teacher candidates accepting admission offers for the 2022/23 Bachelor of Education program should be prepared to be in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to participate in face-to-face coursework and practica. Therefore, if applicable, you will need to arrange for housing and childcare to fulfill this part of the program. General updates are available on the UBC website at

NITEP Elementary (Year 3) Winter Session registration opens on June 28, 2022 at 8:30 a.m.

You will register into a standard timetable which contains the following courses: EDCP 362D, EDUC 344.

The 2022/23 winter session course schedule will be published on May 2, 2022. Course schedules are subject to change before the start of the academic year.

This guide is to complement the NITEP Handbook and registration instructions that you received from advising.

Further instructions to assist you with registration:

Registration Instructions

Step 1

Your registration date and time will be displayed on your Student Service Centre account two weeks prior to registration.

Step 2

Create a worklist at by adding the applicable standard timetable (STT) and course sections (see Step 4).

Step 3

Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC) to view your specific registration date and time.

Step 4

On your registration date, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC) using your Campus-Wide Login (CWL).
  2. Register in a selected worklist.

If registration to your worklist is unsuccessful, or if you did not complete a worklist prior to the registration date, then you will need to proceed with the following steps:

To add a standard timetable:

  1. Click Course Schedule and select session: 2022 Winter.
  2. Click Browse > Standard Timetables (STT).
  3. Select your program: BEDE or BEEM Year 3.
  4. Click on and register in the standard timetable for your field centre:
    NITEP Option – Year 3 Elementary – Urban Field Centre

To add courses:
If applicable, or as instructed by the NITEP Coordinator, register into any outstanding required core courses, additional academic electives and senior courses.

To register, click Course Schedule > Add/Drop Courses. Enter the course information and click on Register.

Step 5

Click on Timetable to print your course schedule. Re-print the schedule in mid-August in case changes have been made.

Step 6

Click on Financial Summary for information about deadlines for tuition and fee payment.

Step 7

Review your mailing and email addresses. Make sure they are correct.

Year 4 Pre-Required Courses

The following courses must be completed in order to be eligible to proceed to the Professional Courses in Year 4. Before beginning the Professional Courses, students must have completed at least 90 credits (including 6 credits of first-year English and other required courses) and have achieved an average of 65% on their best 60 credits.

Core Courses
(if not completed in Years 1 or 2)
Number of Credits
English (Year 1) - Literature and Composition6
Canadian History or Geography3-6
Lab Science3
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