Emily Longworth Memorial Award

The Emily Longworth Memorial Award was established by her family in memory of Emily Longworth, a teacher candidate who was an inspiration and role model to her students and fellow teacher candidates.

The purpose of the award is to help fund enrichment or activities that will enhance curriculum for elementary students which aims to promote positive social change, such as cross-cultural understandings, healthy lifestyles, environmental awareness, personal awareness, and/or critical and creative thinking.We encourage BEd Elementary & Middle Years teacher candidates to apply if your practicum will take place in a less-privileged socioeconomic area or school where students are less likely to be able to pay for extraneous school experiences.

The application period is from September 25 to November 30, 2023.

The funding application involves a written proposal that includes a project description, connection to curricular objectives, and a budget. See Application Criteria to learn more.

Funding may be applied for based on a formula of approximately $15 to $20 per student involved.

All projects will be considered on a case by case basis if they exceed this amount.

Application Criteria

As there is a funding cap on this award each year, proposals are considered individually by an award adjudication committee, and the value of each award will be based on the project budget submitted by the teacher candidate.

  • Teacher candidates must be currently enrolled in the Faculty of Education Bachelor of Education – Elementary program at University of British Columbia and be registered as a teaching practicum student in an elementary or middle school setting;
  • Proposed projects must demonstrate potential for social change and preference will be given to projects based in high-needs and/or less-privileged areas;
  • Projects must be completed within the term of the practicum and must be designed and directed by the teaching practicum student submitting the application.

Note: Priority will be given to high needs schools.

Applications should include:

A one-page proposal detailing:

  1. The proposed activities (what it is the practicum student teacher proposes to do)
  2. How do the proposed activities connect to the teaching practicum unit(s)
  3. The benefits to the children and/or community and the number of children who will benefit from the project (why these activities are important or worth doing)
  4. A detailed budget (what funds are needed and what they will be used for)
  5. Signatures of support from the faculty advisor and the school advisor or school administrator

Post-award Requirements: Final Report

The report should include:

  • photos or other artifacts directly related to student participation (Note: Photos should protect identity of individual students who participated. Parents need to have given written permission for facial images to be shared, or use photos that do not include distinct facial images.)
  • a summary of activities and how they related to curriculum and learning outcomes
  • a final budget detailing actual expenditures

Final Report Deadline: July 10

Send final report as a Word document to Bette Shippam with subject, "Emily Longworth Memorial Award - Final Report."

Any surplus remaining from an approved grant after the conclusion of the project shall remain with the school, to be used for the benefit of students in that school

Final reports will be compiled into a Stewardship Report that is presented annually to the Longworth Family. Please send final reports as a Word document format as the Stewardship Report will be compiled in Word.

2022/23 Stewardship Report

Once a year, the Longworth family sends a report to fund donors and previous award recipients with details of that year's projects at UBC.

Previously Funded Projects

Samples of the wide variety of previously funded proposals:

  • Field trips to Terra Nova Rural Park, Museum of Anthropology, Trout Lake, Science World, “Fly over Canada” at Canada Place, “First Nations at Ft. Langley” Historic Ft. Langley, Aboriginal focused kayak/outdoor education (i.e., cross-cultural education)
  • Field trips in support of school garden program & Aboriginal guest speakers
  • Produce student anthology with First Nations Guest Authors/Artists
  • Science workshop facilitated by Raptors Ridge Birds of Prey
  • 8 in-class workshops on “High Touch High Tech”
  • 3-day Outdoor Environmental Educational experience with Soaring Eagle Nature School, Golden Ears Provincial Park
  • Staying Alive Plants & Animals field trip at Grouse Mountain
  • Traveling Library - kids write &amp and make books that are distributed to public locations (banks, doctor's office, etc.) with a request to call school when read (i.e., to track book impact)
  • In School Dance and Choreography workshops inviting students’ creative and critical thinking
  • Physical geography unit, Planetarium program
  • Animal life unit, Vancouver Aquarium program

and many more...

Learn more about The Longworth Legacy.

Contact Bette Shippam, Program Manager – Student Services (Secondary) for more information.