Admissions Advising

General advising for future applications is on hold until late spring/summer 2021. If you are not an applicant for the 2021/22 Bachelor of Education program, please wait until general advising resumes. You can visit our FAQs for prospective applicants.

What do you want help with?

Bachelor of Education (BEd) Program & Teacher Updating Program

Email is our preferred method of contact. Using email, we can answer most questions and provide URLs with even more information.

Our admissions team is hosting special weekly online Zoom sessions for current applicants only to answer quick questions. Please be prepared with concise and clear questions as your interaction will be limited to under 5 minutes to give as many students a chance to have their queries addressed. Instructions on how to prepare before reaching out to our office can be seen in the boxed section below. If you are not a current applicant for the September 2021 11-month BEd program, you will be asked to leave the session and return to general advising in the spring.

Diplomas in Education & Certificates in Education

Once you have selected a diploma or certificate on the Professional Development & Community Engagement (PDCE) website, you may have questions about next steps.

Reinstatement/Readmission & Visiting & Unclassified Students

Contact a program manager if:

  • You have questions about readmission or reinstatement into the BEd program
  • You are a visiting or unclassified student