Application Process BEd Scholarships & Awards

There are a number of scholarships and awards available for teacher candidates in the Bachelor of Education program. Some awards recognize excellence in general, while others acknowledge excellence in specific programs or subjects. All course instructors and faculty advisors are asked to consider teacher candidates for awards. Many awards are selected according to specific criteria.

Awards are decided based on faculty recommendations, and teacher candidate (TC) self-nominations. TEO administers scholarships and awards following consultation with an Awards Committee made up of faculty members and the TEO.


Instructors are asked not to inform TCs whom they have nominated.

If a TC requests a recommendation for his or her self-nomination, instructors may, but are not obligated to, submit a reference. These references are confidential like the nominations and should be submitted by the instructor using the online form.

Faculty Nominations

The instructor of record (the person authorized to assign marks) may nominate any TC in their course.

Faculty advisors may nominate teacher candidates for Outstanding Practicum Awards.

Committee nominations (EDCP & LLED) are made separately via departmental process.


Find online nomination forms here.

Submission Deadlines

Nominations should be made at the end of each course. Practicum nominations occur after the end of the extended practicum.

Find submission deadlines for nominations here.


Coursework instructors are asked to use their judgment to determine which TCs stood out as exceptional, and make a case (with examples) on the nomination form as to why the teacher candidate warrants an award. Instructors do not have to select a particular award, but rather make nominations for awards in general.

Course performance:
Attributes of a nominee include: having demonstrated an outstanding level of understanding and application of the course content, demonstrated originality, initiative, and engagement. The nominee may also have demonstrated strong interpersonal skills and held an inquiry disposition.

Faculty advisors should nominate TCs whose practicum performance has been consistently exceptional, as distinct from excellent. When considering the TC’s performance, the faculty advisor should note as to whether there is a “wow-factor” and describe the situations in which this was evident.

TCs may not self-nominate for the Outstanding Practicum Award (only their FA may do this) — but TCs may self-nominate following their practicum for awards in general, as practicum performance is considered in several awards aside from the Outstanding Practicum award.

Nominations are made for awards and scholarships in general, as a TC may be eligible for more than one award.

A teacher candidate may be nominated by more than once, and by any number of instructors, provided that it is for a separate course, or for the extended practicum.

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