WKTEP Elementary and Secondary Registration Guide
2021/22 Bachelor of Education Program – Summer Session

WKTEP registration opens Friday, February 25, 2022 at 9:00 a.m.

You will register in a standard timetable which contains all required courses for the summer session. Your course schedule will be provided by the WKTEP coordinator.

Registration Instructions

Step 1

Your registration date and time will be displayed on your Student Service Centre account two weeks prior to registration.

Step 2

You can create a worklist at students.ubc.ca/ssc by adding the applicable standard timetable.

Step 3

On your registration date, log in to the SSC and register in a selected worklist or add a standard timetable as follows:
  1. Click "Course Schedule".

  2. Select "Session: 2022 Summer".

  3. Click "Browse > Standard Timetables".

  4. Select your program: "BEEM or BEDS Program, Year 1".

  5. The standard timetable contains all required courses. Register in the standard timetable which corresponds to your section number from the Winter Session — either:

    • West Kootenay Teacher Education Program – Elementary (Section 640 or Section 641) or

    • West Kootenay Teacher Education Program – Secondary (Section 640 or Section 641).

Step 4

Click on "Financial Summary" for information about deadlines for tuition and fee payment.

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