In mid-April teacher candidates will be asked to submit their ranked cohort preferences in an online form (i.e., ranked from 1 to 7).

Please note, there are limited seats available in each cohort. For cohorts with requests that exceed the number of seats, teacher candidates will be randomly selected for the available seats. Teacher candidates who are not placed in their first preferred cohort will be placed in the next available cohort on their list.

French Program teacher candidates do not need to submit their ranked cohort preferences as they register in the French cohort.

Refer to your program option's registration guide for detailed instructions.

It is important to note that the program is the same regardless of which cohort is selected. However, the following can be considered when making a selection:

  • Your interest in the pedagogical approach of the cohort
  • The district(s) aligned with the cohort
  • Extra coursework that may be required before September start (IB or Montessori)

Hiring practices vary with each school district based on application packages and the needs of the district. Districts are free to interview and hire teacher candidates from any of our cohorts, so practicum location does not restrict where teacher candidates may eventually apply or work.

Elementary: Complete the practicum placement request form after registering in your cohort.

Secondary: Complete the practicum placement request form.

There will be seminars for both elementary and secondary teacher candidates in September with further information regarding practicum placements.

Note: there is no guarantee that teacher candidates will be placed in a preferred area.

It varies from year to year and is dependent upon which school advisors express an interest in mentoring a teacher candidate.

During the program, every effort will be made to place KIPP students in K to Grade 3 placements. On occasion, this may be in a combined Grade 3/4 class.

Everyone who completes the UBC BEd program will be qualified to apply for certification to teach all grades from K-12 in the province of British Columbia.

Teacher candidates who complete the UBC BEd program will be qualified to apply for certification to teach all grades from K-12 in the province of British Columbia. School district employment needs and priorities vary each year so it is difficult to speculate on the benefits of particular cohorts.

Core French and French Immersion teacher candidates take all courses together but will be assigned a practicum placement according to their proficiency level, determined by their French proficiency assessment (FLA or DELF/DALF). This is done to ensure appropriate language models for learners in schools.

Teacher candidates may improve their proficiency during the program and opt to retake the FLA or DELF after practicum; this new documentation may be included with final practicum reports and transcripts when applying for positions.