Diplôme d’études en langue française (DELF) & Diplôme approfondi de langue française (DALF)

The DELF (Diploma of French Language Studies) and the DALF (Further Diploma of French Language Studies) are the first lifelong diplomas of French as a second language with international recognition. Today, there are 900 exam centers in 154 countries that offer the DELF and the DALF.

The exam is offered in March, June, or November and can be completed in Vancouver, in Canada, or at an international location.

It is strongly recommended that applicants complete the DELF/DALF prior to the final June sitting. More than one level may be taken during the same testing period (e.g., B2 and C1) as each occurs on a different day.

DELF/DALF results are due no later than June 30 of the year applied to.

For the next DELF/DALF exam sessions and registration dates, visit:

The following DELF/DALF equivalencies are required (minimum required level for admission):

DELF/DALF EquivalenciesMinimum Required DELF/DALF Level Required Score(s)
Elementary Core FrenchB1Minimum 15 on each section
Elementary ImmersionB2Pass
Secondary Core FrenchB2Pass
Secondary ImmersionC1Pass

Presenting the minimum DELF/DALF levels does not guarantee admission to the BEd program. Admission is competitive each year and evaluated on a number of factors. Please see Academic & Experience requirements for more information.

The DELF/DALF is accepted as a pre-admission credential attesting to a candidate’s French proficiency. The Faculty may require an applicant to attend an interview with the French Admissions Committee and/or submit additional references should there be concerns regarding the applicant’s suitability to enter the French teaching profession.

Refer to the CEFR Global Scale for the minimum language proficiency level for each program option.

French specialization candidates please note that:

Preference for admission to the program is given to those qualifying at the highest DELF level required for their program/practicum option and who present a significant amount of French language and grammar coursework at the university level.

Placement into Core French, French Immersion or Francophone Practicums is at the discretion of French specialists in the Faculty of Education. Candidates qualifying at a high B2 level or above will be considered for the widest range of French practicum placement options.

Depending on performance in the various DELF/DALF competencies (reading, writing, speaking, listening), additional French language course work may be highly recommended prior to as well as during the program such as: Professional Oral Communication Skills for French Teachers. This course is open to all teacher candidates wishing to develop their language skills during the program.

For the DELF B1, if you took the exam prior to September 2022, an overall passing grade of 50% with a minimum score of 15/25 for each component of the exam is required for admission to the UBC BEd French specialization.  For DELF B1 exams taken in September 2022 or later, a minimum score of 12/25 will be accepted for each component of the exam.  For the DELF B2 and the DALF C1, an overall passing grade of 50% with a minimum score of 5/25 for each component of the exam is required for admission to the UBC BEd French Specialization.

It is highly recommended that French BEd teacher candidates take advantage of various French programs at UBC in preparation for coursework in French such as:

For more professional French language development opportunities offered by the Faculty of Education, please visit: BEd French specialization, Centre de la Francophonie de UBC