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Jodi Derkson
After ten years of teaching (and attaining my Masters of Education from UBC while teaching full-time), I decided to leave teaching for a bit in order to try my hand at business—to spread my wings, to embrace change. All good and well until I realized three years later, yet again, that my life's purpose will always be teaching and the field of education. Read more

Jessica Glesby
Although the Vancouver School Board hired her as an educator on call upon her graduation, Jessica took a leave of absence to obtain a Masters of Arts in Art Education from Boston University (Class of 2011). Read more

Graham Setters
Next year I will have the opportunity to be a department head in the English department and also teach a few blocks as a teacher–librarian. Although living overseas away from family and friends can sometimes be a challenge, the rewards that this experience has given me far outweigh any downside. Read more

Flynn McCreath
Jacquie and I are teaching at the Canadian International School in Singapore comprised of elementary, middle school and secondary programs. Jacquie is at the primary campus teaching Senior Kindergarten (18 students), and I am at the middle school campus (same company) teaching Grade 8 (14 students). Read more

Ebrahim Bawa
In 2005, Ebrahim also completed the Gold level of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award program. After completing the program, he continued to volunteer with his award group as a leader. In this capacity, he has co-helped youth aged 14 and older to complete the Awards’ expedition requirements. Read more

David Shepherd
I absolutely love my job, but more importantly my profession, and could never have gotten to where I am without the education, support and encouragement I received as a UBC student. Read more

Colin Dodds
After graduating, I started running after school programs for vulnerable youth through the Vancouver School Board's Community Schools program. Read more

Clinton Charlie
The UBC and NITEP Education programs have given me confidence and pride in myself which I can share and hopefully instill in my children, family and students. I hope to be a great mentor and role model for the youth in my community. Read more

Claudia Buffone
Have BEd — Will Travel! I graduated with a BEd in 2003 and within a year not only had an offer to work as a TOC in Vancouver, but was also hired to work at a Charter school in Calgary, and in the public school system in the Bronx, New York. Read more

Claire Gilchrist (Wells)
The education Claire received from the dedicated profs at UBC has prepared her well for the many different teaching contexts she has found herself in, working in both public and private schools in the Lower Mainland and also a high school in France. Read more