BEd applicants must provide two professional references from appropriate individuals who have experience working with youth or children and who have observed the applicant working in group settings with youth or children. References must be credible authorities who can speak to the applicant’s experiences, interests and abilities relevant to the teaching profession. They cannot be a family member or a personal friend.

Examples of appropriate references:

  • Administrator (e.g., principal, vice-principal) or teacher at an elementary or secondary school
  • Camp director
  • Daycare program coordinator

Examples of inappropriate references:

  • Family members (including in-laws, step-family, etc)
  • Parent of child whom applicant tutored privately
  • University professor (who did not observe the applicant teach youth or children in group settings)

The Teacher Education Office reserves the right to contact references.

Submission Instructions:

Applicants must arrange for the submission of two confidential reference reports to be sent on their behalf. The Faculty of Education will not accept more than two reports. Letters in lieu of these report forms are also not acceptable.

References must send completed forms directly to this email:

Please see below for NITEP instructions.

Download two copies of the Reference Report Formfor all options except NITEP

NITEP Submission Instructions:

NITEP reference report forms can be mailed to:

Faculty of Education, UBC
1985 West Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2

NITEP forms can also be emailed to

Download two copies of the NITEP Reference Report Formonly for the Indigenous Teacher Education Program