Janis Anne Griffioen

District ELL Teacher & Digital Video/Photography 10 Teacher
Currently teaching in School District No. 35 (Langley) | Elementary Option (PL-Tech, 2014)


Since graduating from the Personalized Learning & Technology cohort in 2014, I have been using my expertise in digital design to teach others and create a position for myself. I used the web design learned in my cohort to build the Langley ELL Department website, which I maintain and blog from. I have also become a Digital Literacy Coach, where I coach colleagues on ways to implement technology, with a focus on literacy applications that will assist ELL students. This position allows me to communicate with other DLC’s to discuss new types of technology and how they can be applied in classrooms; it’s all about practical application and coaching others on technology integration. My digital literacy also placed me in a position where I teach Grade 10 students to use their iPads to take photos and videos. We learn about composition techniques and how to edit using various applications. Within this course some ways we use our ipads is to learn iMovie editing, green screening and stop-motion filmography, which are all skills I began to learn in my program.

I have recently begun a mentorship program where my mentor and I trade roles, as she teaches me classroom strategies and I teach her about technological advances and programs; it’s a valued symbiotic relationship. Another relationship I still maintain is with my UBC faculty associate, who has become a mentor and a friend. We regularly discuss the innovating changes currently occurring in the education system via Twitter, email, and in person. Through the program I also made constructive relationships with many people who I am proud to call colleagues and friends. Your personal learning network is quintessential to building your foundations as an educator, as this is a career of lifelong learning, and I am grateful I was able to begin my journey as an educator at the University of British Columbia.