Virtual Lunch and Learn Workshop – Coping with Uncertainty: Skills for Dealing with Pandemic Stress While Completing Your Degree | January 19, 2022

Faculty of Education students are invited to this virtual lunch and learn workshop with Embedded Counsellor Dayna McCracken, RCC.

COVID-19 continues to bring huge interruptions to our lives. This also inevitably comes with stress around the unknown and uncertainty. Just when we think things are on track towards getting us back some sense of normalcy, we’re catapulted back to restrictions and online classes! Frustration, anxiety, confusion and fear are running our lives, causing us to feel overwhelmed and leaving us struggling to cope with it all.

This 50-minute workshop is intended to assist students in navigating all this uncertainty, along with helping you to develop skills in managing issues like stress, anxiety, and plummeting mood that are a result of the changes COVID-19 has created.

Feel free to bring your lunch!

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