Professional Oral Communication Skills for French Teachers

Communication Professionnelle Orale pour les enseignant.e.s de français

Course Description

This course has been designed to support teacher candidates in expanding their communicative fluency to better equip them to teach in an FSL or FFL classroom. The course maximizes opportunities for conversations and discussions in French through:

  • situated role-plays that relate to the classroom and larger school context
  • student- or instructor-initiated discussions about French teaching and learning
  • informal conversations about day-to-day classroom topics
  • songs and games and other ludic activities for the French classroom
  • and various other activities in response to students’ communicative needs

Social, emotional and cultural connections will be used to provide context and emphasize meaning. Participants will use and refine essential classroom language, ask and answer questions, engage in typical class scenarios, and explore themes connected to FSL and FFL curricula.

Course Structure

The course is taught over 14 weeks (not including practicum days) with two one-hour weekly classes delivered face-to-face on the UBC-V campus. Classes focus on oral language with paired/small and large group activities, teaching demonstrations and classroom discussion.