UBC BEd alumnus awarded 2021 Gordon Gore Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching

The Teacher Education Office is delighted to congratulate Darren Ng (BEd ’12), recipient of the 2021 Gordon Gore Prize for Excellence in Science Teaching awarded by the British Columbia Association of Physics Teachers (BCAPT).

Darren brings his love of science and sense of humour into his interactive classroom where students get to learn, hands-on, the sometimes thrilling experience of seeing science in action. In his own words:

“If it can pop, ooze, zap, explode, or bounce, chances are you will find it in one of my science lessons. For the past nine years, I have served as a passionate high school science educator respected for creating engaging, often humorous, Science lessons that promote student inquiry, inside and outside the classroom. While previously I taught for Langley and Burnaby districts, for the past three years, I have served with the New Westminster (SD40) school district teaching a wide variety of junior Science and some senior level Science courses. Additionally, I have been actively serving as a mentor in our district mentorship program, equipping new teachers with the skills they need to get their own students excited about Science.
Wherever I find myself teaching Science, be it for my son’s Grade One Science class, for the kids at my neighbourhood annual block party, or my grade 10’s in my home lab at New Westminster Secondary (NWSS), my educational goal has always been the same: encourage students to become excited about their learning and create what my students frequently exclaim is, ‘the best Science class ever!’.”

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