Welcome to the Teacher Education Program

A Message from Dr. Wendy Carr, Associate Dean, Teacher Education


Welcome to the Teacher Education Program at the University of British Columbia. Becoming a teacher is a transformative step, not only for you but also for those whose lives you will influence through your work. It is a profession that draws upon your beliefs and commitments, utilizes your strengths and talents, and can bring out the very best in your students and yourself.

Your 11-month program is but the beginning of your professional learning trajectory, but you can be sure that this part of that journey will be rich and rewarding. Faculty and staff are here to support you, and we wish you every success!


Dr. Carr is a tenured faculty member in the Department of Language and Literacy Education and has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in education at UBC since 1995; her contributions have been recognized with a Faculty of Education Excellence in Teaching Award and the Murray Elliott Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Teacher Education Program. Her time at UBC intersected with a 30-year teaching career in Coquitlam and roles as District French Consultant in Surrey and Vancouver. She has worked closely with the Ministry of Education in developing curriculum and with the BC Teachers Federation as a Provincial Specialist Association president. She is vice-president of the Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers, author of several nationally-used French Second Language classroom and professional resources as well as scholarly articles and chapters on teacher and student learning.

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