Inquiry EDUC 450 | EDUC 451 | EDUC 452

These courses are offered to all teacher candidates.

EDUC 450 – Inquiry Seminar I

Inquiry Seminar I is designed to engender:

  • an understanding of teaching as a moral and intellectual activity requiring inquiry, judgement and engagement with multiple others—students, parents, colleagues, scholarly community.
  • an appreciation of the importance of research in understanding curriculum, teaching and learning.
  • a desire to engage in one’s own educational inquiries—to become students of teaching.

Course Outlines

EDUC 450 – Elementary & Middle Years (PDF)
EDUC 450 – Elementary & Middle Years (DOCX)

EDUC 450 – Secondary (PDF)
EDUC 450 – Secondary (DOCX)

EDUC 451 – Inquiry Seminar II

Inquiry Seminar II is designed to provide opportunities to

  • engage in teacher inquiry around a theme, a particular curriculum emphasis or an educational issue of one’s choosing.
  • demonstrate understandings acquired during course work and develop deeper understandings of a particular area of educational study.
  • begin to make links between one’s inquiry topic and one’s practice as a beginning teacher.

Course Outlines

EDUC 451 – Elementary & Middle Years (pdf)
EDUC 451 – Elementary & Middle Years (docx)

EDUC 451 – Secondary
EDUC 451 – Secondary (docx)

EDUC 452 – Inquiry Seminar III

Inquiry Seminar III is designed to provide opportunities to reflect upon and represent one’s learning experiences (in the teacher education program) in light of a critical engagement with what it means to be a professional and to be engaged in a profession. This includes revisiting one’s inquiry question/s in a post-practicum and pre-career space: where is the inquiry process now? has the question shifted? what questions have emerged?

The sharing of this reflective process allows one to demonstrate:

  • a growing awareness of commitments and responsibilities to the profession, self and others
  • a developing ability to engage thoughtfully in practice, to raise critical questions and wonder ‘out loud’ about an individual and collective professional future.

Course Outlines

EDUC 452 (pdf)
EDUC 452 (docx)