Teaching for Indigenous Education

EDUC 440 – Aboriginal Education in Canada is intended to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to explore how to respectfully and meaningfully integrate Aboriginal/Indigenous history, content, and world views.

You will examine the role of Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing in Aboriginal/Indigenous societies and learn how to make use of this knowledge in your planning for the classroom, school and community. The goal is to assist all educators to make a contribution to transforming Aboriginal education in order to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal/Indigenous learners and enhance learning for all students.

This course is offered to all teacher candidates.


Course topics include:

  • our relationship to Indigenous peoples and Indigenous education
  • Indigenous knowledge in education
  • looking back, looking forward: Aboriginal education in Canada
  • teaching residential school history and texts
  • integrating indigenous content, perspectives and knowledge into the curriculum
  • pedagogical approaches in Indigenous education
  • Aboriginal family and community engagement
  • Indigenous languages and the classroom
  • sharing responsibility for transforming Indigenous education