Steve An

English Teacher | Currently teaching at Changshin Elementary School in Seoul, South Korea Secondary Option (Music, 2012)

Steve An, Changsin Elementary School, SeoulSince receiving the UBC BEd, I have been teaching English at Changshin Elementary in Seoul, South Korea. This year, the school had its 100th anniversary in May!

I was hired to teach English in Korea through EPIK, the English Program in Korea. I teach Grades 3 to 6, mentor TaLK (Teach and Learn in Korea) scholars, revise English curriculum books, and continue to find ways to professionally grow as a teacher. In my spare time I attend jazz clubs, visit music stores, and continue to play trumpet at the local wedding centre.

Recently, my faculty advisor, Dr. Karen V. Lee, attended a conference in Seoul. She visited me at my school and we experienced many tourist attractions together: Bongeunsa Temple, Lotte World (indoor theme park), shared dumpling soup, souvenir shopping in Jongno-gu area, and we attended an authentic Korean traditional dance/music performance at the National Gugak Center.

Overall, my time working as a teacher in Korea has been a very good experience.