2019 Teacher Candidate Professional Development Conference: Designing for Learning

Welcome to the 5th annual professional development conference for teacher candidates.

The Teacher Candidate Professional Development Conference is an annual day-long conference. One day is dedicated to the Bachelor of Education Secondary (BEDS) program and one full day is dedicated to Bachelor of Education Elementary & Middle Years (BEEM). The speakers, professional development workshops, and school district human resources panel discussion have been selected to support your journey as an early career teacher.

We welcome your proposal to enhance professional learning for teacher candidates with a focus on:

  • planning and designing for engaged learning
  • creating supportive classroom and school communities

Submit Workshop Proposal by September 30, 2019

Conference Details

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 (BEDS)
Thursday, December 5, 2019 (BEEM)
8:00 am — 2:45 pm
Various Locations at UBC

Attendance is mandatory as this conference is a part of EDUC 315. There are no school visits during this week.

Conference schedule will be available in October. You will need to register for 2 workshop sessions.

For inquiries, please contact Claire Rushton at the Teacher Education Office.