CFE Projects – 2019/20 BEd Program

Due to COVID-19, teacher candidates in the 2019/20 Bachelor of Education program have had to quickly adapt their teaching and learning styles through the use of online platforms. We are showcasing some of the wonderful projects created by them as part of the Community Field Experience (CFE).

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The Outside Guide: Highlands Elementary

An introduction to place-based learning for the school, teachers and families in the area

Aisha Balint & Carling Cross

Inspire Inquire

YouTube channel that covers both literacy and numberacy subject areas

Chelsea Parmar

Creative Response Activities to Short Stories

The activities can be applied to any short story

Ash Clement-Thorne

Blooming in Elementary

A website that provides all the basics for gardening with elementary-aged children

Kelly Wong

Basic Soccer Skills with Mr. Malik

Five short videos teaching five basic soccer skills that students can practice

Tariq Malik

The Daily Creative

Art lessons and ideas to do with students remotely or in the classroom with minimal supplies

Christie Wood

Body Image and Self-esteem

Lessons and activities that correspond to positive self-esteem and body image, incorporating the First Peoples Principles of Learning

Meena Randhawa


Science-focused educational Instagram blog

Bandna Tiwana

Children’s Mythology / Mythologie jeunesse

A website in French and English with a small collection of myths and stories for elementary students

Nicole Gertz

Decolonizing the Classroom: Incorporating the First Peoples Principles of Learning with Social Justice and Inquiry

Information for non-Indigenous educators on incorporating the First Peoples Principles of Learning in classroom

Cheryl Chu

Incorporating Place-Based Learning into Remote Social Studies Education

I wanted to provide these lessons as a way for students to disconnect from their devices and explore their neighbourhoods and other meaningful places

Sally Mah

Make a Difference_ Kenya

Remote learning resources for grade 8 students in Kenya

Ann Yi-En Lee & Sebastien Ragache

Exploring Artists Through Recreations

A booklet of 10 lessons to help educators bring art into their classrooms in fun and exciting ways

Gursimeran Sangha

SEL Year Guide

A guide based on 10 general themes on social emotional learning

Andjela Didak


Through cooking and kitchen skill development, this project aims to provide social, emotional, and mental support to youth and adults ages 16-30

Molina Chow

Community Field Experience 2020

Resources for teachers moving more into online spaces

Denis Walsh

Mindful TCs from UBC

Mindfulness signs and activities for students and teachers

Laura Bacchus, Amrit Bains, Amraj Brar, Brynn Hendrix & Brittney Prentice

Collaborative Art Gift for Healthcare Workers

Collaborative art project with students, using remote learning, to show appreciation of healthcare workers in their local community

Ashlee Yoon

Fresh Air Project

An online database of outdoor education lessons geared toward K-7 classrooms throughout BC

Gagan Bharaj, Madelaine Chater, Mireya Hooper, Sara Ichiki, Gina Karaliolios, Jordan Moore, Ashlee Yoon & Nicolette Zaurrini

Inform: How to find Quality Information Resources

A tool to help teachers, students and members of our broader community identify quality information resources

Brittanny Downey-MacDonald

Learning with Laron – An Online Teacher Website

A resource for social studies teachers at my practicum school and also those around the world

Felicia Laron
Energy Around Us

Energy Around Us

Information guide that explores the relationships between energy, plants and food

Gloria Lau

Growing Together Blog

A collection of playful learning ideas for school-aged children, focusing on social, emotional, physical, and intellectual well-being.

Karina Thiessen, Amy Scott & Meredith Witosky

Free Online Resources for Learning French

A video for CPF BC & Yukon to support FSL students and families who are learning French from home

Beatrice Lew

Interactive Web-apps for Math Education

Web-apps that aim to teach fundamental math concepts through the context of art, games, and language

Vincent Nguyen


Kindergarten bilingual resources on Instagram that explore the benefits of mindfulness in the classroom

Michelle Kirby, Morgan Ruskowsky & Michelle Camirand

Burnett TCs’ YouTube Channel

An interdisciplinary YouTube channel with 20 educational videos to enrich student learning

Rishi Gupta, Emily Ip, Riley Hass & Marissa Pavone

Bilingual Science and Nature Videos and Activities

Bilingual (French and English) videos with activities encouraging kids to go out outside and learn about nature

Jessica DeChamplain

Teacher SOS

A website tailored towards first year (but useful to any year) teachers

Vanessa Butler

Byrne Creek PHE Website

PHE resource website for Byrne Creek Community School

Camille Cruz

Special Olympics Sport Start Soccer Online Training

Online training videos for athletes that aim to motivate and help maintain and improve their skills

Krysten Lindquist

Ms. Chan’s Blog

This blog features content for my drawing and painting students at École Alpha, my inspirations, as well as resources on understanding failure in the educational setting

Olivia Chan

Sam’s School Stuff

Website of at-home learning activities ranging from art, literacy and SEL-focused experiences

Samantha Loiselle

Virtual Dance Lessons K – 7

A series of dance lessons for students to participate in a dance unit remotely from home

Alex Bleim

Teacher Candidate Wellness

A blog and communication platform to support TCs by helping them maintain and improve their overall wellness

Connie Chan & Bryan Lopez

Metalworking Instructional Videos

Three safety/instructional videos on angle grinding, MIG welding, and metal finishing

Murray Dennis

Art At Home

Lessons provide opportunities for all to engage with the arts without limitations

Candice Yee
Finding Your Inner Artist

Finding Your Inner Artist

Aims to strengthen vocal and choral music teaching skills in schools as well as gain a community of artists on the path to musicianship

Jessica Zraly

PHE with Ms. P

Resources, lesson plans and other topics that we have encountered on our practicum journey

Rachel Piitz

Blog: Teaching in your PJs 101

Resources, lesson plans and other topics that we have encountered on our practicum journey

Carli Dunbar & Pragya Agarwal

Sewing a Summer Capsule Wardrobe

A personal sewing blog and Instagram account documenting the making of several clothing items for my summer capsule wardrobe

Sabrina Qi Yun Shen

Class Cork Board: Resources for Students Well-being and Teaching Virtually

A website of for students and teachers that includes a library of resources focused on mental health for students and online drama projects

Meegin Sullivan

UBC Business Teacher Candidates Resources

Resources for future teacher candidates to help them jumpstart their lesson plans

Tom Dong Hoon Ji & Matthew Poon

QuaranDine Meals

Cooking/baking tutorial videos on how to make a variety of foods

Jacqueline Lee & Mavis Wen

Ms. Meyer’s Technology Education Resources Website

Ms. Meyer’s Technology Education Resources Website

Website of technology education resources focusing on robotics, metalwork and woodworking

Alana Meyer

Fabric Masks & the Downtown Eastside

Sewed cloth masks for support workers and clients of organizations in the Downtown Eastside

Stacey Mennie
Experiential Activities Toolbox

Experiential Activities Toolbox

Activities focus on sustainability, on intercultural awareness, on place-based curiosity about nature, and more

Cate May Burton