The UBC Teacher Education Program provides an introduction for teacher candidates in the elementary & middle years option1 who are interested in becoming a Montessori educator. The pathway comprises an online Foundations in Montessori Education course2 and a one-week in-person course3 completed prior to beginning the BEd Program, opportunities for continued professional learning and specialized placements in a Montessori classroom during the program, and an optional community field experience in a Montessori context.

If you are interested in the Montessori pathway, once you have submitted your cohort preference, contact Claire Rushton, Director, Teacher Education Office, by email at by April 25, 2019 with your full name, student number and statement that you wish to be considered for the Montessori pathway.

For those interested in continuing their preparation to become a fully accredited Montessori Educator, the American Montessori Society (AMS) credential (ages 6-12) is available through the Centre for Advanced Montessori Studies of Vancouver (CAMSV) and incorporates the hours taken during the UBC Introduction to Montessori Education pathway (categorized as course component and practice hours).

2019/20 Teacher Education Program Pathway

DatesDescription:Course Component (CC) Hours:Practice (P) Hours:

Pre-BEd Program

April: Register for Teacher Education Program & select cohort1. Select Montessori pathway.

Enrol in Centre for Advanced Montessori Studies of Vancouver (CAMSV) online Foundations course (details will be emailed to cohort members).
May - August: Complete online course.26 hours (CC)

During BEd Program

September – June: Montessori-based practica 490 hours (P)
October 19 - 20: Montessori professional development8 hours (CC)
June 10 - 28: Optional community field experience in a Montessori setting75hours (P)

1Candidates in French, IB or middle years cohorts are not eligible to apply for this pathway.
2Fee is $500.00, payable to Centre for Advanced Montessori Studies of Vancouver (CAMSV).
3Course fee is $385.28 and includes coursework at UBC campus as well as in a Montessori school.