Why IB?


  • is committed to helping students become inquiring, knowledgeable and caring citizens of a global community
  • sharpens students’ critical thinking skills
  • values differences in learners — IB’s Learner Profile
  • contains an internationally-minded focus and cultural sensitivity
  • is consistently of high quality irrespective of country or region within a country
  • focuses on educating the whole child
  • emphasizes inquiry-based teaching and learning
  • requires a significant service component
  • is distributed worldwide in over 140 countries

Why UBC?


  • is committed to preparing today’s grads for the current job market at home and abroad
  • possesses the largest number of IB Diploma Programme graduates of any university world-wide
  • is an internationally-focused university
  • emphasizes inquiry-based practice in the Faculty of Education
  • emphasizes differentiation of instruction and learning
  • emphasizes collaboration for teachers and students in all IB programmes
  • is ideally located to serve Pacific Rim’s international student community
  • has state-of-the-art infrastructure to serve international students
  • is located in a desirable, world-class city