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Roxanne Black
For one year, Roxanne was employed full–time to work with mentor teachers planning, practice teaching, and taking classes on call while also taking part in co–curricular activities and outdoor school. Since then, she has taught full time and now enjoys her own class of Grade 3 students at Crofton House. Read more

Nikki Atkins
I jumped at the opportunity to work abroad in China where I would be teaching exactly what I was trained to teach: Social Studies 10 and 11, and I would have my own classroom! Read more

Mike Page
Currently, I am teaching a Grade 6/7 split and music in SD20. WKTEP was very important in many aspects. They prepare you so well for your practicum and classroom work after you graduate. Read more

Michelle Fatkin
By end of August, I was fortunate to be hired by Fleetwood Park Secondary in Surrey to teach junior science and junior Math, and to coach the Grade 8 girls basketball team. I generally spend every waking hour at the school! Read more

Melanie Niederegger
My journey as a teacher has only just begun. My practicum and UBC teacher education experiences have left me feeling empowered for the next stages of my career as a TOC for School District #57 (Prince George), and I feel prepared to face any future challenges. Read more

Lindsay Scruton
During the Education Career Fair I applied to Maple Leaf Schools, a BC offshore school, and within a few months I was signing a contract to go live in Tianjin, China. Read more

Liam Hogan
I learned from other colleagues that it is best to apply for every position possible, especially the .2, .378, and .5 positions as the really part-time positions are the best place to get your start. Read more

Lael Sleep
I have just returned from teaching for two years in a BC Ministry accredited offshore school in Dalian, China called Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School. I taught a Grade 5/6 class. Read more

Katie Zdybel
What I'm learning is that education in Whitehorse is very much about inclusion and diversity—vital themes that were often the focal point in my training at UBC. Read more

Karina Harry
Teaching the language has always been one of my dreams and now I am given the chance to help revitalize such a precious aspect of my culture. Read more