Information for Permanent Residents and New Canadians

Teachers in our public school system must have both general and specific academic studies and teacher education before they are hired to teach. These two components of their formal education take place at university, after at least 12 years of schooling. Generally, teachers have four to six years of university preparation.

Teachers can be educated within British Columbia, in another province, or outside of Canada. The Ministry of Education Teacher Certification Branch (TCB) has the legislative responsibility to evaluate the credentials of all qualified teachers before certifying them to teach in BC. The TRB is equipped to evaluate all local, national and international degrees and teacher’s certificates.

New Canadians who have had formal university and professional qualifications and were licensed to teach in their countries of origin are encouraged to obtain certification to teach in British Columbia. Obtain specific information from the Ministry of Education Teacher Certification Branch (TCB).

Applicants Possessing Teacher Certification in Countries-of-Origin

Individuals with teaching qualifications obtained in any country from an accredited post–secondary institution, such as a college or university, and after a minimum of 12 years of elementary and secondary schooling, are eligible to apply for evaluation for certification by the Ministry of Education Teacher Certification Branch (TCB).

Once you have contacted TCB and received a letter assessing your credentials, please contact UBC’s Teacher Education Office for information about our Teacher Updating Program.

Applicants with a Degree but No Teacher Certification

If you have a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree and are interested in a teaching career, please review both academic and experience requirements for UBC’s post-baccalaureate Bachelor of Education. There are self-assessment worksheets linked from these pages that will help you with questions about academic credentials.

If you have further questions please email to set up an appointment with an advisor. Make sure to bring the completed self-assessment worksheets and copies of all post-secondary transcripts and/or degree certificates. For advising purposes these do not have to be sealed copies; however, when you apply, you will need to arrange to have official sealed copies sent to our office.

If your transcripts are not in the English language, you will need to bring an official translation. We recommend MOSAIC for translations (there is a fee associated with this service).

The admissions officer will evaluate your documentation and advise regarding UBC’s requirements. It is possible we will request more detailed course syllabi in order to accurately assess. During your appointment you can also discuss experience requirements and application process/timelines.