10 Tips Before Applying

1. Find your program option.

2. Download a self-assessment worksheet(s) and review the academic and experience requirements.

3. Bring your questions to an online info session.

4. Collect your full academic history.

5. Prepare for language tests, if needed.

6. Ensure you have achieved above the minimum 75 hours of practical experience working with groups of youth (a minimum of 100 is strongly preferred).

7. Take time to carefully consider your answers to the essay questions in the Personal Profile — spell check, proofread, and try to incorporate volunteer/work experience examples into it.

8. Consider who to ask for reference letters.

9. Prospective elementary & middle years students: start ranking your cohort preferences.

10. If you still have any unanswered questions, meet with an advisor or contact us here with questions.

Photo: Martin Dee / UBC Communications & Marketing