COVID-19 Admissions FAQS for Applicants

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this global pandemic, these FAQS will be updated as we obtain more information. Please check back for the latest answers to frequently asked questions on admissions to the BEd program.

Current Applicants

When will I have a decision on my application?

Currently, our evaluators are on schedule but there may be delays due to unforeseen circumstances. Any relevant information on delays in admission decisions will be posted at the top of this page.

I have housing/family/financial constraints/commitments. Can you do my evaluation first?

TEO evaluators are working to evaluate all applications remotely in a timely fashion. We are unable to prioritize single applications.

My current courses are switching to Pass/Fail, will this affect my chances of acceptance?

No, we only require that you pass your courses in progress. The TEO has the grades necessary for evaluation already if you sent them in before the January 15 deadline.

I heard a rumor that…

Any information that is not from the TEO or UBC websites is unreliable. The TEO is in daily contact with university administration in order to find solutions to various issues and questions that have come up due to the current situation. Any relevant updates will appear on the TEO website. Anything directly affecting current applicants or the 2020/21 BEd program will be communicated via email.

I paid my acceptance deposit. Why isn’t it showing up on my student account?

There is currently a delay in processing times for acceptance deposits and it may take 4-6 weeks from the date of payment to show up on your Student Service Centre. If you don’t see it after that amount of time, please contact Thank you for your patience.

I need to take an English proficiency test but all the test centres are closed. Can I take any of the tests online?

We recommend you complete the TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition, which is available online until June 30, 2020.

If I receive a conditional offer of admission, what can I do if I’m unable to complete the outstanding coursework outlined in the admission offer?

Please reach out to the admissions officer whose name appears on the bottom of the offer letter, or, and they will direct your question accordingly.

Is my admission decision final?

Admission to the UBC Bachelor of Education is competitive and not every qualified applicant will be admitted. Applications are evaluated on both the academic requirements (specific course work, grade point average, overall academic history) and the Personal Profile (including experience, written statement, and references).

Applicants who believe they may have been unjustly denied admission may submit a formal appeal within 14 days of the issue date of the notification of the admission or readmission decision according to the policy and process outlined on the UBC Admissions/Appeals website. We strongly suggest contacting the Teacher Education Office and speaking with an admissions officer before submitting an appeal.

More info:
Undergraduate Programs & Admissions – Appeals
UBC Calendar – Admission Appeals for 2020/21

Will Fall 2020 classes be held online?

The Bachelor of Education program will be continuing with an online course model until at least the end of Winter Term 1 (September to December 2020). Even though UBC announced on May 11, 2020 its decision to resume some in-person classes starting in September, the BEd program is unable to accommodate space requirements to hold in-person classes. More information about online courses, scheduling, and practicum will be sent via email to all newly admitted students as it becomes available.

If the program is moved online for Winter 2020, is it possible to defer my acceptance to a later year? I prefer in-person classes.

The TEO is unable to offer acceptance deferrals. Applicants who would like to defer their acceptance to a future year will need to re-apply and their admission is not guaranteed.

Please know our office meets daily with university administration to discuss key issues and any important information for applicants will be transmitted via our website as it becomes available.

Future Applicants

Can advising be done over video call? When will advising resume?

One-on-one advising will resume later this spring after all evaluations for 2020/21 have been completed. Advisors will be available via phone or video chat as necessary. Online information sessions will also resume. Please see for more information.

Since schools are closed, how can I do my volunteer hours? Are there any exceptions?

If schools remain closed for an extended period, the admissions committee will work with administrators to determine alternative evaluation procedures.

My university is offering Credit/D/Fail grading due to the present circumstances. Will having many classes with that grading (20+ credits within the last 60 credits) affect my application?

We advise you to continue with your classes at your institution as they are available. Should this situation continue for an extended period, the admissions committee will announce any changes to assessment procedures.

I’m an international applicant and my university is closed for the foreseeable future. How can I send you my final transcript? Do you accept electronic copies?

If you are completing courses at an international institution, please check whether they can arrange to send an official final transcript electronically through email or other means. If that is not possible, please email

I can’t register for summer courses at my institution because registration is not available.

Many institutions are experiencing delays with moving courses online and there may be other factors involved. Best practice at this time is to keep up-to-date with your home institution as things progress with this situation.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our professor has given us the option to receive a Credit/D/F for this term’s course. I am considering this option. However, I am wondering if doing this will impact my application to the UBC BEd program?

Evaluations for 2020/21 will not be impacted by Credit/D grades as grades submitted after the January 15 application date are not considered as part of the admission evaluation.

The UBC Bachelor of Education admissions team will accept a Credit/D grade for courses that an applicant presents towards meeting UBC BEd academic requirements. Understandably, the admissions team will not accept an ‘F’ course towards meeting an academic requirement.

Moreover, admissions will not use a Credit/D grade in the applicant’s GPA calculation, however they do use a grade of ‘F’ in the GPA calculation. For more information on UBC’s Credit/D/F marks, please visit

My Lab Science course is now online. Will an online Lab Science course be acceptable to fulfill the requirement for Elementary & Middle Years?

Contact your instructor or institution to find out how the course components will be delivered. If the lab component has been cancelled, you should find a suitable science course that has a lab component. If you’re unsure whether any course meets admission criteria, please consult this list of acceptable courses. This is not an exhaustive list, but can act as a good guideline for which courses to look at. If your course is not listed here, please contact and your query will be directed to an admissions officer.