COVID-19 Admissions FAQS for Applicants

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of this global pandemic, these FAQS will be updated as we obtain more information. Please check back for the latest answers to frequently asked questions on admissions to the BEd program.

Prospective Applicants for 2021/22 BEd Program

When are applications for the 2021/22 BEd due?

The online application opens on October 1, 2020 and closes on January 15, 2021. Find more information here.

How can I do my volunteer/experience hours?

You are able to include experience from the last five years if it is relevant to your application. Competitive applications will have a range of experiences (volunteer or paid) with age-appropriate groups of students or youth. The strongest kind of experience you can obtain is sustained and ongoing over a significant period of time. Attempting to gain the a competitive amount of experience over the course of one school semester is difficult even during normal operations.

What if I can’t meet the experience requirement because of COVID-19 restrictions? Will you be adjusting evaluation criteria?

If you have been unable to fulfill or exceed the experience component of the BEd application, we still encourage you to apply to the program. You should provide information using the ‘Additional Information’ box in the online application if you faced issues with gaining recent and relevant experience. Should the need arise to adjust evaluation criteria, we will do so based on the applicant pool for the 2021 intake. It is impossible for our evaluations team to decide what, if any, criteria to adjust before seeing the majority of applications.

My university is offering Credit/D/Fail grading due to the present circumstances. Will having many classes with that grading (20+ credits within the last 60 credits) affect my application?

We advise you to continue with your classes at your institution as they are available. Should this situation continue for an extended period, the admissions committee will announce any changes to assessment procedures.

I’m an international applicant and my university is closed for the foreseeable future. How can I send you my final transcript? Do you accept electronic copies?

If you are completing courses at an international institution, please check whether they can arrange to send an official final transcript electronically through email or other means.

I’ve checked with my international institution and they are not issuing transcripts. What now?

We are unable to complete an evaluation without a copy of transcripts from all of your attended post-secondary institutions. If your institution is unable or unwilling to send official paper or electronic transcripts, please send some form of official communication you have received from the institution that states they cannot or will not send the documents to Only once we have confirmation that the institution will not be sending transcripts at this time, we will accept unofficial copies for evaluation purposes. Any offer of admission made using unofficial documents will be CONDITIONAL until official transcripts are received. Please note: if official documents cannot be produced by the 31 July 2021 deadline, admission offers can be cancelled.

I can’t register for courses at my institution because registration is not available.

Many institutions are experiencing delays with moving courses online and there may be other factors involved. Best practice at this time is to keep up-to-date with your home institution as things progress with this situation.

Will there be extensions given for the June 30, 2021 coursework deadlines?

No. All coursework, including prerequisite courses for admission to the BEd and completion of in-progress degrees, must be fully completed by June 30, 2021 in order to be eligible for September 2021 admission. If you are unable to complete your coursework by June 30, 2021, you may wish to consider applying for a future cycle.

Are there any changes to the academic requirements for admission eligibility consideration?

No. Admission requirements are to ensure teacher candidates are academically-prepared for their studies in the BEd program, for the teaching profession, and to be eligible for certification with the BC Teacher Certification Branch.

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, our professor has given us the option to receive a Credit/D/F for this term’s course. I am considering this option. However, I am wondering if doing this will impact my application to the UBC BEd program?

The UBC Bachelor of Education admissions team will accept a Credit/D grade for courses that an applicant presents towards meeting UBC BEd academic requirements. Understandably, the admissions team will not accept an ‘F’ course towards meeting an academic requirement.

Admissions will not use a Credit/D grade in the applicant’s GPA calculation, however they do use a grade of ‘F’ in the GPA calculation. For more information on UBC’s Credit/D/F marks, please visit

My Lab Science course is now online. Will an online Lab Science course be acceptable to fulfill the requirement for Elementary & Middle Years?

Contact your instructor or institution to find out how the course components will be delivered. If the lab component has been cancelled, you should find a suitable science course that has a lab component. If you’re unsure whether any course meets admission criteria, please consult this list of acceptable courses. This is not an exhaustive list, but can act as a good guideline for which courses to look at. If your course is not listed here, please contact and your query will be directed to an admissions officer.

I am required to provide a language proficiency test, but the centres in my area are closed.

For English proficiency tests, UBC will accept the TOEFL-ibt Special Home Edition, which can be done remotely. If you are required to do a DELF/DALF exam, we encourage you to keep in constant contact with your closest testing centre(s) for updates.

Can advising be done over video call? When will advising resume?

Advising has resumed for the 2021/22 application cycle. Advisors are available via Zoom. There are a number of online information sessions scheduled as well. Please visit and for more information.

After Your Application

Will the Bachelor of Education program be online or in person for the 2021/22 academic year?

UBC is following all British Columbia Ministry of Health protocols concerning the ongoing COVID-19 situation. Following directives from the British Columbia Ministry of Health, UBC is planning for increased on-campus activity in the 2021/22 Winter Session, including on-campus instruction. Although more information will be forthcoming, teacher candidates accepting admission offers for the 2021/22 Bachelor of Education program should be prepared to be in Vancouver/Lower Mainland to participate in face-to-face coursework and practica. Therefore, if applicable, you will need to arrange for housing and childcare in order to fulfill this part of the program. General updates are available on the UBC website at

Are practicums going to be in-person?

The completion of all practicum experiences is a requirement for completing the BEd program, and also a requirement to be eligible for certification with the BC Teacher Certification Branch. The requirements for practicum follow the guidelines specified by the BC Ministry of Education in accordance with guidance from the BC Ministry of Health. If you have circumstances that may potentially prevent you from completing in-person, in-school practicums, you may wish to consider applying to the BEd program at a later date, keeping in mind that the status of public health is an evolving and unpredictable situation.

When will the pandemic end so the Teacher Education Program can go back to normal?

For the time being, the TEO, staff, faculty, and students must follow all protocols issued by the BC Ministry of Health.

Do I need to disclose if I have a disability or require accommodations?

The Teacher Education Office strives to provide inclusive, equitable, and accessible service to our students. If you have a disability that may require accommodation or academic concession during your time as UBC student, please register with the Centre for Accessibility. By registering with the Centre for Accessibility, you can request a new academic concession or disability accommodation, and discuss options with your Accessibility Advisor. First, to register with the Centre , you must meet ith an Accessibility Advisor. Please complete the steps on the Centre’s registration page. Please note that if you have previously communicated with the Centre for Accessibility during your time in another UBC program, you should still reconnect with them so that any future accommodations can be aligned in the most effective way to your Bachelor of Education program.