NITEP Elementary (Year 4) Registration Guide
Winter Session 2018/19

Registration opens May 18, 2018 at 9:00 a.m.

Promotion of NITEP teacher candidates to Year 4 must be approved by the NITEP coordinator. Check your year status on the Student Service Centre, Registration screen. If Year 4 is not indicated, or if your registration is blocked, contact the NITEP coordinator for information.

Advising is available from the Teacher Education Office throughout the program. Policies and Guides are available here.

This guide is to complement the NITEP Handbook and registration instructions that you have received from advising.

Registration Instructions

Registration is for Winter Session (September to June). Students will register in March 2019 for Summer Session.

Step 1

Pay your registration deposit prior to the date and time above. Your registration date and time will be displayed on your Student Service Centre account two weeks prior to registration. The registration deposit can be paid beginning two weeks prior to your registration date. Payment is online.

Step 2

Create a worklist at by adding the applicable standard timetable (STT).

Step 3

On your registration date, log in to the Student Service Centre (SSC) and register in a selected worklist or add a standard timetable as follows:

  1. Click Course Schedule.
  2. Select "Session: 2018 Winter".
  3. Click Browse > Standard Timetables.
  4. Select your program ("BEDE, Year 4").
  5. Click on the selected cohort and the Register STT button.
  6. Register in the following STT:

    • NITEP Option - Year 4 Elementary: Generalist Cohort: Indigenous Education (section 107) – North Vancouver, Vancouver or Surrey Practica
  7. If you selected a different cohort in consultation with the NITEP Coordinator, then please contact the TEO at 604 822 5389 for registration in your cohort STT.

Step 4

Click on Timetable to print your course schedule. Re-print the schedule in mid-August in case changes have been made.

Step 5

Click on Financial Summary for information about deadlines for tuition and fee payment.

Step 6

Review your mailing and email addresses. Make sure they are correct.

Cohort Information

Teacher candidates stay together throughout most of their course work. All cohorts prepare teacher candidates to teach Grades K-7.

Cohorts have pre-determined practicum placements. Teacher candidates must arrange for transportation to assigned schools.

If a standard timetable contains a course that you have previously completed, continue to register into the standard timetable. Once your registration is complete, contact either the NITEP coordinator or a program coordinator in the Teacher Education Office to have your registration adjusted.

Seats are reserved for NITEP Elementary Year 4 teacher candidates in the following cohort.  If you had selected a different cohort in consultation with the NITEP Coordinator, then please contact the TEO at 604-822-5389 for registration in your cohort STT.

Indigenous Education Cohort
Section Number: 107
Practicum Locations: North Vancouver, Vancouver or Surrey