Policies and Guides

Teacher Education Program Policies & Guidelines
Questions about registration, advancement, or professional conduct and more? This comprehensive guide should help answer your questions.

Teacher Education Program Practicum Guidelines
Everything you need to know about your in-school teaching practicum. This guide includes information for teacher candidates, as well as school and faculty advisors.

Community Field Experience (CFE) Community Partners Guide
A guide for community partners collaborating with the Faculty of Education’s EDUC 430: Community Field Experience course for teacher candidates

Community Field Experience (CFE) Teacher Candidates Guide
A guide for EDUC 430: Community Field Experience outlines the purpose of the CFE, the relationship with community partners, faculty advisors, and teacher candidates, expectations of teacher candidates, and more.

Protocol and Procedure for Investigating and Responding to Alleged Unprofessional Conduct

Interpretation of the Pass/Fail Assessment in the BEd Program
A letter from Dr. Rita Irwin, former Associate Dean of Teacher Education, on the marking practices of the Bachelor of Education program

UBC Copyright
UBC website providing copyright resources and guidelines

UBC Calendar — Bachelor of Education Policies and Regulations
UBC website providing copyright resources and guidelines

Academic Integrity — Plagiarism Guidelines
Plagiarism guidelines for instructors of teacher education programs

TRB Professional Conduct Advisory: Duty to Report
By the Honourable Bruce Preston, Commissioner for Teacher Regulation