Secondary Practicum Placement Request

All teacher candidates should be aware of the Faculty’s policy surrounding practicum placements:

Practicum placements are in Lower Mainland school districts and in selected locations throughout the province. The availability of placements in some areas may be limited and students must be prepared to accept placement for the 2- and 10-week practica anywhere within 125 km of the UBC campus. Teacher candidates make their own arrangements for, and bear the cost of, personal transportation and accommodation during practica.

IB Educator Stream students: Please note that teacher candidates intending on applying for the IB Educator Stream must be prepared to travel anywhere in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, as IB schools and placements are limited.

Please complete the form below to submit your practicum placement request.

Questions? Please email John Yamamoto, Program Coordinator – Practicum & Field Experience (Secondary):


Secondary Practicum Placement Request Form – 2018/19

(EDUC 315 & 421/496 only)
  • A. Placements in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley

  • Teacher candidates who are interested in applying for UBC's International Baccalaureate Educator Stream will be required to complete a second practicum preference form as part of the IB application process.

    Teacher candidates need to be aware that the preferences they supply on their IB application will supersede the choices they provide on this form.

  • B. Placements outside the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley

    Each year the Faculty of Education attempts to place teacher candidates who wish to have their 2-week and 10-week practica outside of the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley region of British Columbia. Requests will be accommodated if there is sufficient interest among students (at least four teacher candidates) and if suitable arrangements for practica can be made.

    If you are interested in taking your 2-week and 10-week practica outside of the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley, please indicate no more than 2 school districts (in BC) where you would like to be placed.

  • Specific Interest in the Okanagan

    This year the Faculty of Education will be able to place a select number of teacher candidates for the 2-week and 10-week practica in the Southern Okanagan region of British Columbia. School districts #23 (Central Okanagan – Kelowna) and #67 (Okanagan Skaha – Penticton) will be the primary participants in this project.

    If you are interested in specifically taking your 2-week and 10-week practica in Kelowna or Penticton, please indicate your interest below.

  • C. Previous Schools & School Districts

    To ensure impartial evaluation of practicum performances, the Faculty asks that persons notify the Program Coordinator – Practicum & Field Experience (Secondary) of any schools they attended as a student or have volunteered with, or schools and/or districts in which relatives are enrolled or employed.

    All teacher candidates are requested to supply the name of the high school they graduated from, regardless of whether or not it was a British Columbia school.

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  • Your personal information is collected under the authority of section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). This information will be used for the purpose of placing you on practicum. Questions about the collection of this information may be directed to

Special Circumstances

Special circumstances which would affect practicum placements will be considered. Students are asked to make an appointment to see the Program Coordinator (Secondary Practicum) in regards to special circumstances affecting practica. Relevant documentation should be provided (e.g., medical condition).

While every effort will be made to accommodate special circumstances, specific placements can never be guaranteed. All incoming students must be ready to accept placement at any location.

Special Circumstances Form

Secondary French Immersion Program Option:

Because of the small number of French immersion classrooms, the practicum for a French Immersion secondary student teacher may consist of work in French as well as in English. An immersion student with only French as a teaching area may teach in classrooms of immersion French, immersion Humanities and Core French (FSL).