2017/18 Secondary Academic Calendar

Winter Session Term 1 | September 5 – December 8, 2017

September 5First day of classes for Term 1 – Orientation Day
October 9Thanksgiving Day – Classes cancelled
October 17School-based Orientation Practicum begins – 1 day a week practicum (teachable subject based)
October 20Professional Development Day – Classes cancelled
November 6-10Pre-practicum meetings with faculty advisors (location and date TBA)
November 10EPSE 308 and LLED 360 end
November 13Statutory holiday in lieu of Remembrance Day – Classes cancelled
November 14School-based Orientation Practicum begins – 2-week practicum
November 24School-based Orientation Practicum ends – 2-week practicum
November 27 - December 1Post-practicum debriefing meetings with faculty advisors (location and date TBA)
December 5School-based Orientation Practicum ends – 1 day a week practicum
December 8Term 1 ends

Winter Session Term 2 | January 3 – May 11, 2018

January 3Term 2 classes begin
January 12Pre-practicum Contact Day – Classes cancelled
January 18Community Field Experience Contact Day – Classes cancelled
January 15-19, 22-26Meetings with faculty advisors for EDUC 421 (locations, date and time TBA)
January 19Education Career Fair – Classes cancelled
January 26Term 2 classes end
January 29EDUC 421 (School-based Extended Practicum) begins
February 12Family Day – Classes cancelled
March (Date TBA)Summer registration opens
March 30Good Friday – Classes cancelled
April 2Easter Monday – Classes cancelled
April 20EDUC 421 (School-based Extended Practicum) ends
April 23EDUC 430 (Community Field Experience) begins
May 11EDUC 430 (Community Field Experience) ends

Summer Session | May 14 – July 27, 2018

May 14Summer Session Term 1 classes begin
May 21Victoria Day – Classes cancelled
June 22Summer Session Term 1 classes end
July 3Summer Session Term 2 begins
July 27Summer Session Term 2 ends
Please note: BEd students attend classes during the UBC Reading Break.