Physics Teacher Education

UBC’s Physics Teacher Education program has a long and renowned history in BC. The program:

Karen, a UBC physics teacher candidate, demonstrates the working of the Van der Graaf generator during the Family Math and Science Day

  • focuses on educating teacher candidates through inquiry, hands-on experiences, engagement in public outreach, and mentoring,
  • is taught by teacher educators who are educational researchers with long and successful K-12 and post-secondary physics
  • teaching careers as well as a lot of passion for physics teaching,
  • incorporates a wide range of modern educational technologies,
  • involves strong collaboration with the UBC Dept of Physics and Astronomy, thus offering a dual degree option for students
  • interested in becoming educators with earning their BSc degree,
  • allows teacher candidates to engage in unique public science outreach opportunities.

Every fall, physics teacher candidates participate in the UBC Faculty of Education Family Mathematics and Science Day, presenting interactive science experiments to the general public. In addition, they create videos of their experiments that they use during the practicum and in their practice as educators. During the spring practicum, candidates participate with their students in UBC Physics Olympics, the biggest hands-on physics competition in Canada, which supports them in becoming active members of BC’s physics teaching community.

Some of our graduates become mentors to the next cohort of physics teacher candidates or come back to UBC to pursue a master’s degree. With the high demand for physics teachers in BC and abroad, our graduates find teaching positions during or right after the program.


UBC’s Physics Education Teacher program allowed me to stay in touch with Physics teacher communities after graduation and is currently helping me with my practice post-graduation.
BEd Physics graduate, Lu Li (currently an IB Physics teacher at Carson Graham Secondary School, North Vancouver)

It is even more important to teach critical thinking and understanding of the world around us. The secondary Physics Education program reignites teacher candidates’ curiosity for physics and helps them understand physics education from both a teacher’s and a student’s perspective.
Davor Egersdorfer, Physics Education Teaching Assistant