Home Economics Teacher Education

Home Economics teacher education within UBC’s Bachelor of Education program is unique within BC. As a discipline, Home Economics offers rewarding possibilities for working with young people through food, textiles and families. Teachers of Home Economics work with young people building skills that are lifelong and have meaning for everyday use.

The Home Economics discipline focuses on developing understanding and the practical skills in food, textiles and family. Home Economics fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to manage resources. Within the Home Economics discipline, students acquire insights into how to offer youth learning opportunities that build capacity for a life well lived both within their daily and future family lives. It is by sharing learning spaces and experiences that Home Economics teachers and young people learn to meet challenges in resourceful ways and develop as successful members of their community.

In the Home Economics classroom young people are able to develop and refine their own practices for daily life, develop a sense of achievement in learning to be independent and capable, and collaboratively engage with others. Home Economics classrooms are spaces where young people are supported to work from their level of skill, experience and relationships that are built in authentic ways through their engagement with interdisciplinary learning that contributes to their lifelong wellbeing.

Teacher candidates in this teachable subject will experience practicum placements that are offered across BC. Working with experienced Home Economics teachers as their school mentors and with faculty mentors, teacher candidates are given the opportunity to refine their learning and practice, creating a strong foundation for their career.

This is a discipline area that has a shortage of qualified teachers in BC, Canada and internationally. As a result, graduates of UBC’s Bachelor of Education program with Home Economics are highly sought after by districts and school systems that are seeking to hire inspiring, capable and collaborative educators.