French Teacher Education — Quoi de neuf à UBC

The UBC Faculty of Education is continuing to see high demand for its French Teacher Education Program at both the elementary and secondary levels. This year, in fact, we are doubling our elementary immersion intake!

In response to a growing demand for French language professional development, our Faculty has developed a number of initiatives to support French teacher candidates as well as in-service teachers. Teacher candidates were introduced this year to the Portfolio langagier professionnel, a comprehensive tool for documenting linguistic, intercultural and pedagogical knowledge and experiences through self-evaluation of professional competencies and responsibilities as educators (English version). Adapted for the BC context, this language portfolio emphasizes both reflective professional practice and language development, with an overall purpose of fostering a culture that values and supports continued learning as an integral component of second language teachers’ professional engagement, both during the BEd program and during their career.

Linked to the notion of ongoing language development is Séjour UBC, a bi-annual event that brings together French teacher candidates and educators for a weekend of professional learning offered entirely in French. Supported by UBC’s Department of Language and Literacy Education, the event has been specifically developed for teachers, teacher leaders and teacher candidates as well as for university students interested in pursuing a career in French education. Activities are focused on action-oriented language use, pedagogical strategies and cultural experiences, with many opportunities for building resources and interacting with other French language professionals. This event was also attended by teacher candidates in UBC’s rural teacher education program WKTEP and Okanagan Campus. Next Séjour is September 21-22, 2018!

Finally, the ever popular Institut de Français – UBC à Québec is offered once again in July, welcoming BC French language teachers for three weeks of French language and cultural immersion in the heart of Québec City. Bursaries are offered to inservice teachers.