Flynn McCreath

Teaching in Singapore Middle Years (Math/Science)

Flynn McCreathJacquie and I are teaching at the Canadian International School in Singapore comprised of elementary, middle school and secondary programs. Jacquie is at the primary campus teaching Senior Kindergarten (18 students), and I am at the middle school campus (same company) teaching Grade 8 (14 students). Both of us are being trained in the IB curriculum.

The school population is similar to that of Vancouver because of the multicultural nature of the school about 70 nationalities represented. Teachers here are all very enthusiastic and open-minded about travelling and learning about different cultures. It is different teaching here in that it is a private school with small classes, a bigger budget, a great professional development budget and amazing holidays. The kids also seem a little keener. They clap and say, “Yay!” when I give them more work to do!